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4 Lyrics From aespa’s ‘Life’s Too Short’ That Would Be Great Instagram Captions

4 Lyrics From aespa’s ‘Life’s Too Short’ That Would Be Great Instagram Captions

MYs, brace yourselves, because aespa just released the latest single from their highly anticipated Girls EP, ‘Life’s Too Short.’ Let’s just say that after listening to it, we felt very empowered. As the title suggests, this fun pop song is about not caring about others’ opinions and living your best life. Not to mention, the sass in the song is unmatched! Of course, we just had to share four aespa lyrics we think would be great Instagram captions – just in time for hot girl summer!

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Let’s get into it!

“I’m having all this fun, so why would I ever stop?”

This would be a great caption for pictures with your friends, snapshots from a trip to an amusement park, or even going on vacation. Next time someone tries to rain on your parade, feel free to use this song lyric as a clapback. If you’re having the time of your life, are unbothered, and are simply enjoying life (as you should), don’t let others’ negativity ruin your good vibes. 

“Oh, why you gotta be so vicious? Be about your business instead of getting up in mine.”

We love this lyric! It would go well with a selfie on a day you’re feeling especially good about yourself, being carefree, and going about your day. Not to mention, this part of the song was like a nice reminder to be protective of your energy, especially when it comes to energy vampires. 

“You should find some better seeds to sow.”

This is one of our personal favorites! Hmm, for this one we’re thinking a photoshoot in front of a flower garden or a cool tree would be perfect. This lyric is a great way of saying “While you’re busy tearing others down, I’m over here thriving and growing.” 

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Bonus Lyric: “You think your words are gospel, but they’re only trouble.”

You didn’t think we’d leave out this lyric, did you? Remember, words can only hurt if you allow them to, so do your best to keep your head up and brush it off (even though it’s sometimes easier said than done). What better way to subtly tell someone that their words have no effect on you than to use lyrics from the icons themselves?

Lastly, if you loved these song lyrics, make sure to check out the music video for ‘Life’s Too Short!’ The video was very aesthetically pleasing- the bright colors, the animations, the visuals, the balloons and confetti, everything about it was perfect. Of course, we can’t forget about the beautiful vocals! The video was a visual representation of what our ideal girls’ day would look like – doing karaoke, having a photoshoot, and simply hanging out with friends.

Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning definitely delivered with this single. It’s different from songs like ‘ICONIC’ (another one of our favorites) and ‘Next Level,’ but we aren’t complaining; in fact, we’re here for it! It’s nice to see them try different styles of music. We can’t wait to see what these beautiful, talented artists have in store for their EP, Girls – The 2nd Mini Album, but we guess we won’t know until July 8, so mark your calendars! We already marked ours! 

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Image Source: TENOR

One more thing… MYs, if you need time to mentally and emotionally prepare for aespa’s comeback (we know we do!), which we all know will be a success, we got you with our aespa/K-pop content on our website! Don’t forget to also let us know what your favorite ‘Life’s Too Short’ lyrics were by tweeting us at @thehoneypop.

Are there any aespa lyrics you would have liked us to include or that we missed?


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