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‘Left And Right’ Became A Love Triangle Between Charlie Puth, Jung Kook, And Us 

‘Left And Right’ Became A Love Triangle Between Charlie Puth, Jung Kook, And Us 

Do you hear our extreme joy? We no longer need to wait for an official Charlie/Jung Kook collaboration. Together, they’re writing a memorable page in pop music history. Two honey-sweet voices blended to make the sweetest of collabs! We’re talking about ‘Left and Right,’ of course. They served, and we now have what might just be the song of the summer. Since JK appears to be Charlie’s love interest in the MV, and we’re already so in love with them that we’re at a loss of words, we guess we’re caught in a love triangle…

This collab is all about love. So, here’s everything you need to know about the collaboration!

“I Can Feel You From Over Here”

This song is great to listen to with earphones. Listen to it this way. See, lovelies? It’s funny and it’s what we call the stereo effect. In a second, Charlie and JK are over here, and later, they’re over here. They’re everywhere around us, and well, we love that. It would be better if they were right here (next to us), but they are busy right now. *Sighs.* To put it short, they created a sonic way to emphasize their main point. One more example to prove how talented Charlie is as a composer and lyricist. Here’s the masterpiece!

The MV is here just to make us fall even harder for the pair. We know how funny Charlie and Jung Kook are, and this clip embraces their non-so-serious personalities. It’s all about Charlie’s funny gestures and JK’s playful smiles. Not to mention their great sense of style. We approve of Charlie’s green velvet suit (especially coordinated with pinky socks). Turns out that pink is JK’s color as well. He rocks a flashy fuschia denim look. Anyway, we love all these flashy and retro color moods.

How It Goes

So here’s the plot (yes, it’s a spoiler, but we bet you’ve already watched the clip ten thousand times, so we’re excusable). Charlie is a lovesick boy: “Did you know you’re the one that got away? And even now, baby, I’m still not okay.” He goes to Doctor Love hoping he’ll help him to cure his heartbreak: “How to erase your body from out my brain?” So he’s desperately trying to explain all those feelings that haunt him.

Image Source: Matthew Daniel Siskin

But, in his heart (and in ours), he only has one love interest. That’s our JK. We don’t have the end of the story on how those two finally manage that lovestruck situation, but maybe they’ll have another collab to let us know. Yes, we’re asking for it. Please?

How It Started

It was about time to see Charlie and Jung Kook officially collab! Because they are two of the most famous and representative voices of the pop music scene right now, it was only right to release a song that’s as purely pop as ‘Left And Right.’ The pair already blew us away when they sang on a special stage for the Genie Music Awards in 2018, interpreting Charlie’s hit ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore.’

Stay tuned, honeybees! The immensely talented Charlie is gathering to release his third album, Charlie, really soon. After the release of ‘Light Switch,’ and ‘That’s Hilarious,’ he’s letting us expect a great great album! ‘Attention,’ we’re not ready for it…

JK will also have more solo activities soon… oh, we didn’t mention that this cutie is a member of BTS. Well, now we can say that JK was the first BTS member to drop a not-that-solo song. We can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us! Because, ARMYs, you already know it, JK’s album might drop sooner than expected!

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Tell us everything now! What do you think of this collab? Was it worth the wait? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!



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