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PIXY Are Reborn In New Comeback

PIXY Are Reborn In New Comeback

PIXY Reborn In New Comeback

We saw them as fairies first, and now we’re seeing them as beings taking down ‘Villains.’ PIXY are Reborn in their new comeback for their EP: Reborn, and it is completely captivating. Winxys, get out your theories and get your magnifying glasses. We’re going to break this new album down.

PIXY’s Wicked ‘Villain’ MV

If you all recall, PIXY has had a rather interesting, dark fantasy storyline since their debut. Their time as fairies came to an end in Temptation, and now, as mentioned before, they are entities bringing about justice by defeating villains. Finally, they’ve broken away from the witch that caused chaos in the beginning. This new chapter of PIXY’s story proves to be just as fascinating as the previous one. Let’s take a look at the music video.

PIXY absolutely delivered with the ‘Villain’ music video, just as they have for their previous ones. ‘Villain’ is a cinematic masterpiece, and it felt like we were watching a movie, to be honest. We were quite surprised as it was graphic at times, but it did add to the darkness of their storyline. The settings were all fascinating, and we wonder if there is any significance behind each place the members were in. The very last scene after the song ended was especially compelling…who is that girl? Is she a villain? Is it one of the PIXY members? Winxys…we’re going to need your help figuring this out.

As for the song itself, it’s a bop from beginning to end. Again, it continues this dark sound that PIXY has established for themselves since their debut. While their last title track, ‘Addicted,’ took more of a hard-hitting hip-hop sound, ‘Villain’ experiments with the “glitch” genre of music mixed with some disco elements. We really liked the glitching in the lyrics; it added more character to the song, and it most certainly sets PIXY apart from their peers. The vocalists sounded amazing (and haunting) as per usual, and Lola and Satbyeol came in swinging with their rap verses! PIXY just keeps getting better and better, and this comeback proves it.

We did miss Ella, though, and we hope she returns soon to reunite with her group members. We’ll wait for you, Ella!

Sinister Side-Tracks

We have five side tracks to investigate so let’s get right into it!


PIXY’s dark sound continues in their second track, ‘Breath.’ One thing we found fascinating was how the vocals were more on the breathy/airy side; this makes the song sound more eerie. It has more of a ghostly sound, which contributes to the dark aura of the song. However, the rap verses contrast as they’re more powerful, and that breathy sound is gone. The lyrics hint that PIXY is asking for someone to come to them, that they’re almost under this person’s spell, like they’re “breathing them in.” Might this be about the witch of the past? Hm…Winxys, this might be your time to theorize.


Next, we have ‘Natural,’ whose instrumentation is a bit more open, and focuses primarily on the vocals and rap. There is a slight hint of that dark sound, but it’s not as dark as ‘Villain’ or ‘Breath.’ Despite the two of them being designated as rappers, we adore hearing Lola and Satbyeol sing…they’re amazing. The lyrics make this song sound like it’s a message to haters of PIXY, but also a message to PIXY themselves to keep going and be themselves. For a group that’s still quite early on in their careers, we think that’s a good message to put out there. PIXY is going to keep doing their thing, and do it with grace.

‘Deja Vu’

‘Deja Vu’ adopts a mysterious vibe leading up to the chorus, which then hits you hard. PIXY once again delivers; the vocals and rap verses are immaculate and fit the concept of the song well. The group seems to tell another story, this time about being tethered to someone…but it’s unclear whether or not it’s in the real world or in their dreams. They seem to want to know more about this person that they’re connected to, and compare them to a ‘Deja Vu.’ We’re so curious about what the story behind this track is.


Now we have ‘Greetings,’ which slows it down and replaces the dark theme with something more soft and sentimental. PIXY, you didn’t have to make us cry like that…please. The girls sing about saying goodbye to someone, and sending them ‘Greetings’ from far away, wherever they are. They miss this person, and express that they will be reunited someday. It’s a very comforting ballad, and it almost feels like a lullaby. We personally think this is OST material for a romance drama.

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‘Swan Song’

Lastly, ‘Swan Song’ wraps this album up. A ‘Swan Song’ is basically someone’s last activity (performance, song, movie, etc.) before the retire or quit. This track is not actually PIXY’s ‘Swan Song,’ so don’t fret. Rather, this is the ‘Swan Song’ of the fairies from their previous storyline. They’re gone, and as we said before, now PIXY is reborn, entering a new chapter in their story as a group. We have to note Dajeong’s legendary hight note, because wow. We can’t wait to see what PIXY’s next chapter has in store.

PIXY On The Horizon

That brings us to a close…sadly. One thing is for sure: this album will be on both yours and our minds for months. Whether it’s the storyline, the music, or both, there’s a lot to think about. PIXY are amazing storytellers through their music, and we’re curious what the rest of their story entails.

So Winxy’s, now you can tell us what you enjoyed from this comeback! Which track is your favorite? Do you have a new ranking of PIXY’s tracks? For those who follow the story: what are your theories 🤔? Join our discussion in the comments or on Twitter at @TheHoneyPopInstagram, or Facebook. THP, out ✌️.

PIXY Reborn In New Comeback
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