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ELVIS: The Enhanced Album Recalls These 4 Iconic Elvis Performances

ELVIS: The Enhanced Album Recalls These 4 Iconic Elvis Performances

Whether it’s a facial morph of Bambi-eyed Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev, the high-pitched “hee hee,” or the cropped blonde tresses combined with signature red lipstick and the cupping of one’s face look for a Taylor Swift night, celebrity doppelgangers are but a swipe of your TikTok fyp away these days! Similarly, appearing stretched out on a cinema screen—a case of Austin Butler and Elvis Presley’s southern twang.

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Of course, it’s for this year’s musical biopic Elvis that has a further loved-on cast, including Tom Hanks, Dacre Montgomery, and the sister of the scarf-stealing lad, Maggie Gyllenhaal. Having a filming backdrop of Queensland, Australia, one can only hope you’ve momentarily abandoned this article by now to scurry off and buy a ticket. However, if that alas isn’t enough, then perhaps its just-released soundtrack will do the trick. With a track time of just under two hours, director Baz Luhrmann takes you through the various Elvis renditions, but hopefully not as informative as the comparison of those reworks to an iconic performance of the said song that we have in store!

‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’

It’s difficult not to like Kacey Musgraves’ version, no matter how many other acoustic variations lurk beneath a YouTube search, because her country-stylized voice emotes just what the song requires to lull you into its romantic solace. Back in 1961, though, sat a movie named Blue Hawaii that earned Elvis an IMDb credit as Chad Gates. It’s got a rather kooky storyline about some fruit. There’s also a really lovely scene where, with a lei around his neck, Chad serenades Maile Duval. This film was screened two years after Hawaii made its mark as the 50th state!

‘Hound Dog’

We’ve got two samples of this one! The first takes us back to Doja Cat prancing across Coachella’s stage in late April, flipping the term to present a millennial playboy for Vegas, and then Shonka Dukureh’s bluesy Hound Dog. It’s not just teamed with this song, but Elvis and Ed Sullivan had a little beef. Due to his gyrating hips, Ed initially declined the performance of his song, before negating public opinion as Elvis’s comedic stint on NBC’s The Steve Allen Show, which clashed in scheduling times, won the viewing numbers. While Ed could not host Elvis’s episode, British actor Charles Laught stepped in.

‘Suspicious Minds’

With only one EP under her belt and a viral sound from a Beach Bunny cover that has curated a lovestruck trend, Paravi’s follower count is sure to skyrocket with this modernized take on ‘Suspicious Minds.’ If we’re in our musical time machine, though, it’s once again traveling towards Hawaii and coming to a resting stop in 1973. It’s probably one of Elvis’s most infamous looks, draped in white fabric stitched into flared pants and those upturned collars. Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite raised an outstanding monetary donation of 75,000 USD for Kui Lee Cancer Fund. 

‘If I Can Dream’

Måneskin strips back the whimsy trumpet call, the political sort an artist would project on a stadium’s pitch, for this gooey, laidback pluck coming from a guitar resting on one’s knee as they sing to a small crowd in a cafe; there’s a vast atmospheric difference between both, sure, but each of them still intertwines that Elvis magic. Our final callback is from his ‘68 Comeback Special, a dotted silhouette of his name behind him as he belts it in a pitched black-lit set. 

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Are you team Apple Music? Or perhaps Spotify? ELVIS: The Enhanced Album is now available for streaming! The movie itself is currently in cinemas worldwide. Remember, acceptable spoilers only come in meme format. Tweet us some of your favorites through our handle @TheHoneyPop and follow along on both Instagram and Facebook


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