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4 Echosmith Love Songs For The Hopeless Romantics

4 Echosmith Love Songs For The Hopeless Romantics

If there’s something Echosmith do best, it’s pairing vulnerable, confessional lyrics with the perfect lush production that brings the story to life. Siblings Sydney, Graham, and Noah Sierota are constantly one-upping themselves and pouring their hearts out into every song they make, and it just so happens that some of the best examples of that are their incredible love songs!

So if you wanna get into their music, or you’re a longtime fan wanting to revisit these great musical memories, follow along with us as we recap some of our favorite romantic Echosmith moments.

‘Hang Around’

First, let’s start with the latest and maybe greatest. Echosmith are kicking off their new era with the mellow pop anthem ‘Hang Around,’ which describes the perfect real-life fairytale romance. It feels just as warm and comforting as that kind of relationship would be! This is Echosmith at their most authentic and shiny, and we’re gonna bask in it as if it were a soothing ray of sunshine. Plus they brought back their older brother and former guitarist, Jamie, to help with production!

‘Hang Around’ truly defined and set the tone for this next chapter. The process of making the song actually reflects the whole meaning behind the lyrics. We wanted to talk about our relationships, and how when a love feels so right, there’s no way we could’ve planned it ourselves. So all you want to do is be around it. On a hot August day, we went into the studio and wrote ‘Hang Around’ in just a few hours. We listened back the next day and knew right away that this was the direction for our new music.

Sydney Sierota

‘Surround You’

Simply put, ‘Surround You’ feels like a soft hug on one of the hardest days you’ve had in a while. It’s been one of our favorite Echosmith songs since we first listened to their 2013 Talking Dreams album and it’s certainly withstood the test of time. It describes that gentle devotion you have in your heart for that special someone, and it fluctuates between gentle verses and louder moments that represent the sweet back-and-forth between comfort and passion.

“I kept passing by every sign
Hoping one day I’d make you mine
We’d be laughing side by side
Darling, I’m thrilled to have you by, by my side…”

‘Shut Up and Kiss Me’

Need an anthem for the whirlwind summer romance you may or may not be having this year? ‘Shut Up and Kiss Me’ needs to be a contender. From the slick bassline to the cool synth notes, this song is an absolute banger and we love the confidence in the lyrics. Sometimes you just wanna tell your person to shut up and kiss you, and that’s valid! Echosmith knew just what they were doing with this one.

This song is so me. I fully believe in being forward with how you feel and not playing games. The beginning is so fun and romantic but sometimes all you wanna say is, “shut up and kiss me already!!!”

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Sydney Sierota on YouTube

‘Tell Her You Love Her’ With Mat Kearney

Another one of our favorites from Talking Dreams got a revamp in 2021 when Echosmith recruited Mat Kearney for a new version of ‘Tell Her You Love Her!’ This song never fails to get us in our feels and the remix makes us tear up a little extra. It’s just so pretty and we’re not over Sydney’s improved vocals, as well as the cool contrast Mat’s voice adds.

We love this song and because so many fans have made this their ‘love’ song, we really wanted to do a new version of it. We’ve been fans of Mat Kearney for SO long and having his voice on this song made it that much more special.

Echosmith on YouTube

Which of these songs is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And if you want more Echosmith content, we gotchu.


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