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6 Of Our Favorite Parts Of Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink

6 Of Our Favorite Parts Of Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink

After years of entrusting us with his Kellyvision tour vlogs and pouring his heart out into his music, Machine Gun Kelly’s legacy and experience in the public eye is finally available on the big screen! He teamed up with Hulu to create Life In Pink, a thrilling exploration of his relationship with fame, those around him, the media, and more. It intertwines some of our favorite MGK moments – like when he changed his album name from born with horns to mainstream sellout and when he first met Travis Barker – with new context and perspective from his side.

Sounds pretty cool, right? In our humble opinion, it’s nearly two hours of clarity, growth, and passion that’s guaranteed to get you either teary-eyed or ambitiously hopeful for Kells’ future and your own. If you want a preview of what to expect, or if you already watched it and wanna recap some of the best moments, we’ve got you! Here are some of our favorite parts of Life In Pink that made us emotional, made us think, and made us appreciate Colson’s artistry more than ever.

Seeing How He Feels About The Media & Hate

One of the most insightful parts of the documentary was seeing how social media and criticism have affected Kells. He already touched on how it makes him feel on mainstream sellout, but seeing and hearing it directly from him really got us. Life In Pink opens with a montage of people talking about him (kinda like Taylor Swift’s reputation Tour intro for the EST Swifties out there) and it sets the scene well before diving into who he is beyond his public image.

Image Source: @badomns on Tumblr

One particular moment that really got to us was when he was reading an article on what seemed to be his tour bus and you could see how it affected his mood. Colson, you’re always welcome to read THP’s articles about you if you want a mood boost from the press!

Showcasing His Bond With Casie

At any given moment, Kells is surrounded by some of the coolest people around, whether it’s his producer and hypeman Slim, his drummer Rook, his bassist Baze, or his guitarists Justin and Sophie. But the single coolest person might be his daughter, Casie, and she’s one of the shining stars of the documentary. The movie has clips of them hanging out, Colson hanging out courtside at one of her volleyball games, and even Casie sharing what it’s like to see her dad facing so much negativity online. 

Image Source: Machine Gun Kelly on Instagram

The most touching moment involving Casie, other than her insightful interview segments, was the ending of Life In Pink. Kells shares that he wants to focus on being the best father he can be and described Casie as “his next #1 album” because her future will wind up being the most important part of his legacy. Could someone pass us a tissue? Something’s in our eyes.

Talking About Post-Concert Depression

As a publication that’s by fans for fans, we already know all about what it’s like when you realize the concert you’ve been waiting ages for is over. MGK gave us some insight into what that feeling is like for artists, especially artists who have a ton of online hate directed towards them. He said it’s weird to see venues empty once fans leave and that he worries whether the fans will come back or still support him next time he’s on tour. Kells, we’d never leave you like that!

Reimagining His Paraguay Show

Back in March, just days before releasing mainstream sellout, Kells’ set as a festival in Paraguay got cancelled because of a severe storm. The documentary showed us just how upset he was to let his fans down, especially so close to his album release. But he didn’t let the cancellation get him or the audience down – he just invited them to jam out with him outside his hotel! The show did go on, and we’re proud of Col for pushing through.

Another part of this section that got us was when Kells said the Foo Fighters were gonna stop by his set, but said they’d catch him and his band another time when the storm came along. Taylor Hawkins died just a few days later, and he was a big influence on Rook growing up. We wish Taylor could’ve seen them perform, but hopefully the rest of the band can stop by a show soon!

Flourishing With Megan By His Side

Of course, it’d be hard to imagine Life In Pink without Kells’ fiancé, Megan Fox. And lucky for us, we got some really sweet and meaningful content for our Megson hearts! Even throughout the heavier parts of the documentary, including mentions of suicide and unhealthy coping mechanisms, he maintains that Megan has helped him through so many dark times and encouraged him to keep pushing through. We’re so happy she can have that impact on him!

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One specific moment we loved was when Colson was talking about a breakthrough he made that pushed him to get better. He realized that when he spoke to Megan and Casie, he put up a veil of sorts despite how close he is with them, and he knew he didn’t want to hide behind that veil anymore. 

Making Masterpieces In The Studio

We’ve gotten so much incredible MGK music over the past few years that we would’ve done almost anything to be in the studio for, and luckily, Life In Pink gave us the studio experience of our dreams! From fan favorites on Tickets To My Downfall and mainstream sellout to the Hotel Diablo cut ‘Breaking News 2,’ the movie let us into the creation of some of our favorite songs. We also heard a few snippets of unreleased songs, which we hope to hear in full one day!

We’re so grateful Kells let us into his life the way he did with Life In Pink. Even in the face of so much negativity and misunderstanding, he’s triumphantly himself and refuses to be anything but that. He inspires us every day to push through what we might be going through and to find ways to have fun in the process!

Image Source: @chibbietelford on Tumblr

What were your favorite moments of Life In Pink? Did you learn anything new about Machine Gun Kelly? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more MGK content, click here.


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