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Never-Seen Performances We Can’t Get Over From SEVENTEEN’s Be The Sun Tour

Never-Seen Performances We Can’t Get Over From SEVENTEEN’s Be The Sun Tour

CARATs, let’s breathe together. SEVENTEEN is back on stage! The opening of the Be The Sun World Tour held both offline and online was How on Earth is it possible to present such a concert? Because it’s SEVENTEEN. Even knowing the phenomenal amount of talent of the group, we’re still at a loss of words. While being hotter than the sun, SEVENTEEN burnt the stage and burnt our eyes.

So, to sum up, the concert went like that: mesmerizing performances, talks, performances, bickering each other, skits, performances, more bickering, bickering again, skits, ‘VERY NICE,’ ‘VERY NICE,’ ‘VERY NICE,’ ‘VERY NICE,’ ‘VERY NICE,’ ‘VERY NICE,’ ‘VERY NICE,’ goodbye for good, ‘VERY NICE,’ ‘VERY NICE,’ ‘VERY NICE…’ The end. At that right moment, we didn’t know anymore if we had to laugh or cry because the end was heartwarming, but it was the end.

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

The setlist was as iconic as the performances themselves. It’s like they knew exactly what we wanted to hear. We had some massive hits (‘Rock With You,’ ‘HIT,’ ‘Boom Boom,’ ‘Left & Right,’ ‘Mansae,’ ‘Snap Shoot’), and some tracks that make us crazy every time (‘Heaven’s Cloud,’ ‘MOONWALKER,’ ‘Back It Up’), as well as the one and only ‘VERY NICE.’ But on top of that, we saw never-seen performances and we still can’t believe it.


Well, it’s a very fresh released song – the fourth track of their new album Face The Sun, to be precise. We were secretly hoping for this one to be on the setlist because, well, the vibes are powerful, catchy, and great. Played live, it was beyond great. And for the setting, SEVENTEEN did not choose simplicity. Motorcycles, fire, red lights… that was captivating. And that’s not even mentioning their raw live vocals! ‘March’ is number one in our hearts now.

‘2 MINUS 1’

Hum… *clears throat*. Well, that was something. We knew that we are in love with the song, we knew that we love the rocket duo, and we knew that we can recite the lyrics without any hesitation. Despite knowing all of that, we screamed as soon as the song started. Seeing Shua and Vernon having a blast while singing their hearts out was so satisfying. This song is not a gentle breakup song. It’s a bye-I-don’t-want-to-see-you-anymore-I’m-having-the-time-of-my-life-now kinda song. And every time we hear it, we somehow relate to those angry feelings and rocky vibes. We want more ‘2 MINUS 1’ stages! Who’s with us?


Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

One thing is sure when it comes to the Performance Team is that we’re about to have our eyes glued to them without even blinking once. That’s how mesmerizing they are. Just after their immaculate ‘MOONWALKER,’ they interpreted ‘Wave’ for the very first time. Dressed in all white and light-silver clothes, Jun, Hoshi, Minghao, and Dino were dreamy. Their moves and voices were all we needed to send us into a parallel world. We love all those body rolls and perfectly precise movements. They sure own our hearts.  

‘Imperfect Love’

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

Seungcheol himself said it was amazing while hearing it through his earpiece backstage. In our leader we trust! It was already wonderful on stage, so we can’t imagine how he heard the song and felt the vibes. Technically, it’s not the first time that our precious vocal line sang ‘Imperfect Love,’ but it’s the very first time in front of CARATs. Seeing them get emotional about hearing fans’ voices singing along is enough for us to tear up. With their emotions and their ethereal voices, this moment was magical…

‘GAM3 BO1’

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

Another song from their delicious EP Your Choice. The Hip-Hop Team nailed it. It’s the least we can say. We’ve already seen this song “live” during their Power Of Love online concert, but on the Seoul stage, it was a whole new level. We were crazy! About everything! About the obsessive vibes, the new arrangement, their live voices, outfits, sharp moves, and visuals. We didn’t know where to watch and what to listen to anymore. S.COUPS, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon have us captivated every time.


It’s time to admit that SEVENTEEN might be unreal. They learned the whole choreography two days before. Two days!! We’re thinking carefully, and we still don’t know how it’s possible! They managed everything with confidence, and the result was mesmerizing! This song might be our favorite from their last album -that’s Hoshi’s fave as well (sometimes it’s ‘Ash,’ but this weekend it was ‘Shadow’). There’s something about the lyrics and the mood that catch us. We still can’t get over it…


We’ve never seen ‘Crush’ OT13, with Jun and Minghao. That’s why we were so excited to hear it as their final song. There’s something in that song that hypes us all day long. Despite having performed a whole concert, they still managed to show us an energetic and powerful stage. Their fierce voices repeated: “you’re my crush, I’ve got a crush on you” and that’s exactly what we want to say to them. 

We have a few more never-seen performances in store (that immediately turned into iconic moments). For example, Hoshi lifts his shirt during ‘HOT.’ It was so unexpected that we still wonder if we saw it right. Dino coming back as Pi Cheol In was a headline as well, just like Jeonghan saying goodbye to his cast to dance.

They were professional, humble, funny… they gave it all to show us their bestest. Hurting themselves while preparing, suffering from exhaustion and tiredness. Just for us. We might say that we don’t deserve this generosity towards us. Boys, you asked us to be the sun but it turns out you are our sun. We can’t wait to see you shine even brighter. Thank you, SEVENTEEN.

What’s Next?

We aren’t over their Face The Sun era and yet, we have to be ready for the SECTOR 17 era. The album repackage is coming on July 18th! We don’t know if we have to cry over the end of this era or to scream because, well, SEVENTEEN is ready to serve us amazing new music alongside new amazing concepts. OR to scream because we want them to rest… what are we supposed to do?! Anyway, stay around the corner, CARATs, because updates are coming soon!

So CARATs, what was your fave performance from Be The Sun premiere? Let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram! Want all the latest news about SEVENTEEN? Click right here!


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