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The Wonder Years Are Making It A Wonderful Year With Their Seventh Studio Album

The Wonder Years Are Making It A Wonderful Year With Their Seventh Studio Album

The Wonder Years Album Art

The Hum Goes On Forever, and so does our love for The Wonder Years. 

There is something genuinely intricate and extraordinary about growing, evolving, and exploring life alongside a band you love. If you’re like us and have been a long-time fan of the band, you too have been lucky enough to experience exponential growth.

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As we all check another year off in the books, this one beams special for The Wonder Years. As they announce their latest album they together reach an evolutionary moment as a whole.

The Hum Goes On Forever, dropping September 2, is their seventh studio album and will be compiled of more life than ever before. Experiencing fatherhood, pandemic logistics, anxiety, trauma, and life, each member has a hand in on what is said to be the most challenging record The Wonder Years have ever produced.

TWY has recently released the third single off of the album titled ‘Wyatt’s Song (Your Name)’ and is an ode to singer Dan Campbell’s oldest son, Wyatt. “It’s about the polarizing forces of love and anxiety that come with being a new parent—simultaneously being so overjoyed that they’re here, about the miraculous nature of their existence, but afraid of all the ways you could fail them,” Dan describes. 

The Wonder Years – ‘Wyatt’s Song (Your Name)’

He continues, “It’s about raising children in a world that feels like it’s actively ending and how to make them feel safe and cared for despite that. It tries to breathe in the small, beautiful moments and exhale all of the invasive thoughts of despair.”

Pulling on every heartstring, the call back to ‘Passing Through A Screen Door’ gives fans an insight into how much they’ve evolved as a band and as real people leading everyday lives. ‘Wyatt’s Song (Your Name)’ provides the detailed lyricism and iconic sounds we’ve forever loved from TWY.

Excited for the album drop, you can catch us listening to the latest tracks ‘Oldest Daughter‘, ‘Summer Clothes,’ and ‘Wyatt’s Song (Your Name)’ all summer long. While we’re not here to tell you what to do, you should be, too.

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