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Kellyoke Based on Your Star Sign for a Night With Apple Music

Kellyoke Based on Your Star Sign for a Night With Apple Music

On a pros and cons list of who to rock up to a karaoke dive bar with, an American’s idol sits as a question mark. Yes, you’ve read that correctly! We’re not quite sure if this whole lotta Taurus woman would have us signaling for an Uber after the first round or reaching the top 100’s finishing mark by dawn. It’s not because she’s not amazing, because she is, but if the continued segment of Kellyoke on her talk show has taught us anything, Kelly Clarkson can instrumentally vibe. AKA, it can circle the block of intimidation for someone who doesn’t know how to stay in tune. Luckily for us, that ‘amazing’ personality trait’s bolded, as Kelly recently shared some Kellyoke tips during her The Chart Show with Brooke Reese on Apple Music 1 interview: 

I love anything old school country, anything nineties and before in-country is my favorite, and also rap. I think karaoke should be fun. I kind of like sounding horrible. I love rapping and just totally getting in character after you’ve had some liquid courage. Yeah. I like either rap or country. And now there’s a whole genre where it’s rap country. There’s rap country.

[On karaoke “go-to” songs]

Image Source: The Chart Show with Brooke Reese on Apple Music 1

Kellyoke tips momentarily cast aside, Kelly also talked about how hard plotting future projects (got that, Kelaholics!) is due to the public rumorville, how important covering Billie Elish’s’ ‘Happier Than Ever’ was, balancing a music career while being a parent, plus more! We thought we’d continue the theme of helping, though, by curating a list of her previous musical gems, so you know what just to ask for depending on your star sign when you next hit the town.  

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It’s yet to be decided, rams, if you’ll be on the receiving or sending out the end of this sassy number, but either way, we know your passionate performance will have us entertained! 


You flirty bulls! It’s hard to not be tempted by some romance, so when you’re next drunkenly serenading the bartender, why not go with Silk Sonic?


Known for having two personalities, your duality will often have you balancing the tightrope between friends with benefits and the exclusivity title, especially when the Jobros are whispering this silky hit in your ear.


Latin for crab, your ex-something better be wary of your claws, Cancers, or drink as it could land all over them due to a quarrel. 


You’ll have everyone in attendance saying, “Kelly Clarkson, who?” as you not only know how you move, lions, but praise gets far with you. 


It’s okay; your perfectionism can have a night off as you take a verse from self-love, Queen Christina Aguilera. Make sure to jot it down too, so it’s there for your saving once the hangover hits! 


We can guess your Kellyoke guest list will include everyone you went to high school with who you routinely stalk on Facebook at least once every month. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, so you go be sociable, Libras! 


You like to be direct, Scorpios! There’s no time for wasting the entire night trying to catch the attention of your crush when instead you can get the point across through Maren Morris’s lyrics; they’re oh so very clear. 


In some hypothetical world, you go🤝tying down, just not in this one! Not only will you be that friend tugging everyone else by the elbow to merry on down to the pub, but you’ll be planning out the night after in an entirely different state. 

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We bet you’re the friend everyone has to try to mold their schedules with months in advice, you, working Capricorns! Replying to emails while you power through this number should be kept to a minimum.


You already know what song you’ll be performing, what drink’s worth ordering, and that you’ll be in bed by twelve a.m. because you’re Miss Independent. Attempt to listen to Little Mix’s celebratory breakup ballad. It’s on us. 


Now, fishes, you prefer to be in your feels, and we’re not discounting you for that but instead offering another opportunity to do so with a stripped-down version of ABBA’s spanning decades hit. 

Image Source: GIPHY

Kellyoke is available on streaming services, including Apple Music. To also hear the rest of Kelly’s chat with Brooke Reese, you can click here. Now that we’ve handed over the microphone to Kelly for her Kellyoke bars of wisdom, did your go-to song make the list? If not, is it something you’d like to have her sing in the future? Let us know the track by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop and following along on both Instagram and Facebook.


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