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Our Favorite Moments From Monsta X’s No Limit Tour To Celebrate Their Surprise MV

Our Favorite Moments From Monsta X’s No Limit Tour To Celebrate Their Surprise MV

How much do you miss the Monsta X No Limit U.S. Tour? Well, it seems like Monsta X missed it even more! The K-pop supergroup dropped an unexpected music video for ‘Whispers in the Dark’ from their all-English album The Dreaming! Their gorgeous song is overlaid with emotional clips of Monbebes that attended their tour stops. Of course, we cried. Do you even have to ask?

After being postponed several times, their tour finally kicked off in late May and came to a beautiful conclusion at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles. Finally, the Monstas and their U.S. fans were reunited once more, and it was a party from start to finish! 

We were lucky enough to attend one of the tour stops, so we have to break down our favorite things about the Monsta X No Limit U.S. Tour! Let’s start at the beginning.

Waiting In Line

No, we also did not expect this to be one of our favorite parts of the night either. But there’s just something special that happens when Monbebe comes together. While we waited, we had the chance to talk to other fans and get to know how they fell in love with Monsta X’s music just like we did. 

There were even Monbebes handing out free goodies like unofficial photocards, candy with the members’ faces on them, handheld fans with cute drawings of the members, bracelets with their names, and more! It was like showing up to a party before the party, and we loved it. Big shout out to all Monbebe for being so kind and welcoming; the Monstas raised us all very well. 

The Merch

Image Source: Starship Entertainment via ‘Whispers in the Dark’ Music Video

Okay, we won’t spend too much time here except to say that the shirt they wore at the end of the concert has now become a style staple for us. Who knows, maybe one day *wink wink* we’ll cut the sleeves like I.M if we’re feeling inspired.

The Show

Image Source: Starship Entertainment via ‘Whispers in the Dark’ Music Video

We kind of blacked out when they came on stage as the thunderous cheers of Monbebe crescendoed and the intro video introduced each member. But don’t worry, we came back to reality as soon as the first notes for ‘Gambler’ started playing.

Monsta X are known as beast idols, and we can see why. Their stage presence is insane, and their choreography is intense, but they also know how to delicately slow things down when performing softer songs like ‘One Day’ or how to keep the mood playful when they perform ‘Fallin.’’

We also loved to see the members, including Shownu, their leader, who is currently serving his mandatory military service. They chose cutouts and signs of Shownu’s face that Monbebes brought and held them on stage while they sang.

Solo Stages

I.M, Joohoney, Hyungwon, Kihyun, and Minhyuk’s solo stages came into our life like a whirlwind and left nothing behind except pure awe and adoration for these absolute Kings of the Stage. 

Image Source: Starship Entertainment via ‘Whispers in the Dark’ Music Video

I.M’s vocals are stunning to hear live (seriously stunning, it’s like you can’t see anything else but him,) Joohoney had us crying in the club and head-banging within the span of five minutes, and he debuted an unreleased solo track, Hyungwon ate up that ‘Wildfire’ choreography, Kihyun is called the God of K-Pop for a reason, and we’re honored to have been in the same room as his high notes, and Minhyuk Ongshimied his way into our heart in his full yellow suit and tinted glasses. They were the solo stages Monsta X knew we needed, and they delivered god-tier performances!

Their Ments

Any Monbebe will tell you that they love Monsta X’s music, but it’s not just their vocals, rap skills, song-writing prowess, or even their precision on stage that encapsulates everything that makes this group special. It’s also the way they joke around with and encourage each other as well as their fans. Hearing the members talk in-between songs and listening to their ending comments was a beautiful experience, and one we’ll never forget. 

Be happy, stay happy.

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The End

Image Source: Starship Entertainment via ‘Whispers in the Dark’ Music Video

After the lights went up and Monsta X made their way backstage to prepare to fly to their next stop, Monbebes lingered in their seats with friends, excitedly talking about their favorite moments from the show.

Fans walked closer to the stage to take photos; others picked up shimmering confetti that coated the ground like silver and gold snow. Everyone looked for a way to capture the glory of the last few hours that led up to Monsta X’s final bow and their “사랑한다 몬배배!” or “I love you, Monbebe!” 

It was magic. It was Monsta X. And we can’t wait to do it all again.

Image Source: Starship Entertainment via ‘Whispers in the Dark’ Music Video

The fact that we now have an official music video that documents what a beautiful time we had at one stop of Monsta X’s tour is extremely special. They’re always planning something for Monbebe, and we’re always excited to see what they’ve got in store next!

Monbebe, what is your favorite part of their ‘Whispers in the Dark’ music video? Did you attend their tour? If you did, what were some of your favorite moments? Leave a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

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