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Taking A Look Back At The Used Self-Titled Album

Taking A Look Back At The Used Self-Titled Album

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To think that The Used’s first album has reached its 20-year anniversary is wild; time sure does fly when you’re having fun.

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With their debut album reaching its 20th year, The Used has released new merch, including their ‘Pride Keychain’ and ‘Pride Bracelet,’ with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood! Along with merch, don’t forget to check out The Used – Heartwork (Deluxe), which you can stream here!

Now, we didn’t just bring you here to talk about new merch, which we think you should definitely get, but we’ve been listening to The Used a lot lately, and we think we’ve narrowed down our favorite tracks and their lyrics from the self-titled album!

‘The Taste of Ink’

We gotta start off with ‘The Taste of Ink,’ it was one of the group’s more recognized tracks, and it’s very valid because it’s a really good song, and it really pushed people to listen to the band. What better track to jam out to as an angsty teen. Plus, it was in Rock Band!

Favorite Lyrics: “So here I am, it’s in my hands / And I’ll savor every moment of this”

‘Say Days Ago’

The part in ‘Say Days Ago’ as everything starts fading out beside the symbol, leading into the guitar, is our all-time favorite part of the track. Actually, we have a lot of favorites, like the screams throughout the track, further proving and easily showing off the vocals Bert possessed. We feel them deep in our souls.

Favorite Lyrics: “Same strange, said it’s strange cause I feel the same / Still remember what it tastes like, what it felt like”

‘Buried Myself Alive’

There are only a few tracks from their debut album that got their own MV’s, and ‘Buried Myself Alive’ was one of them. We gotta be honest, the first lines alone pulled us in, and the ending, well, we actually really like the ending. This track also has helped a lot of people through their situations.

Favorite Lyrics: “I think the chain broke away and I felt it the day / That I had my own time”

‘Greener with the Scenery’

The guitar opening in ‘Greener with the Scenery’ will forever be engraved in our heads, and as soon as those first few chords start, we know we’re in for a ride. Also, the fact that Bert had the band throw pots and pans at him so his screams could be real is true dedication.

Favorite Lyrics: “You took it back / You ripped my heart out of my, then you put it back”

‘Poetic Tragedy’

Okay, we know we said we really liked ‘Greener with the Scenery’s guitar opening, ‘Poetic Tragedy’s just hits different; it’s continuous and keeps you pulled in. The added violin added in the back really pulled everything together. Plus! The vocals in this just gave us chills.

Favorite Lyrics: “In violent frustration, he cries out to God or just no one / Is there a point to this madness, and all that he was is just a tragedy”

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The group is also set to go on tour with Rise Against and Sense Fail! You can check out where and when you can catch the band down below!

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Also, check out what the band had to say:

So what was your favorite track from The Used? How are you celebrating its 20th anniversary?  Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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