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BOOK REVIEW: The Two Lives Of Sara By Catherine Adel West

BOOK REVIEW: The Two Lives Of Sara By Catherine Adel West

Ready your heart! Catherine Adel West takes us on a journey that will stay with you long after finishing with The Two Lives Of Sara. This novel is a gift. And it’s one of those you want to give yourself and others. It holds a magic that few writers can effortlessly master, and its touch forever changes us. Adel West knows her way around words, which means she’s a fine exponent of black authors to keep tabs with! This book will, in no time, have you enchanted by the ease with which she tells us this important story. Let us give you a glimpse of what lies ahead… beyond the captivating title of an upcoming novel you need on your TBR list!

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About The Two Lives Of Sara

Summary: “An utterly absorbing and dazzling novel about the stories we tell to stay alive and the secrets we keep to protect ourselves.” —Nancy Jooyoun Kim, New York Times Bestselling author of The Last Story of Mina Lee
A young mother finds refuge and friendship at a boardinghouse in 1960s Memphis, Tennessee, where family encompasses more than just blood and hidden truths can bury you or set you free.

Sara King has nothing, save for her secrets and the baby in her belly, as she boards the bus to Memphis, hoping to outrun her past in Chicago. She is welcomed with open arms by Mama Sugar, a kindly matriarch and owner of the popular boardinghouse The Scarlet Poplar.
Like many cities in early 1960s America, Memphis is still segregated, but change is in the air. News spreads of the Freedom Riders. Across the country, people like Martin Luther King Jr. are leading the fight for equal rights. Black literature and music provide the stories and soundtrack for these turbulent and hopeful times, and Sara finds herself drawn in by conversations of education, politics and a brighter tomorrow with Jonas, a local schoolteacher. Romance blooms between them, but secrets from Mama Sugar’s past threaten their newfound happiness with Sara and Jonas soon caught in the crosshairs, leading Sara to make decisions that will reshape the rest of their lives.
With a charismatic cast of characters, The Two Lives of Sara is an emotional and unforgettable story of hope, resilience, and unexpected love.

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Content warning: violence, murder, gun violence, sexual abuse, loss. The Honey POP encourages mindful reading and always checking the author’s website for any additional content warnings.

An Ode To Resilience

The Two Lives Of Sara has jumped high up our list of historical fiction books to recommend. Easy peasy! Along with a colorful boarding house, meals to feed the soul, and a palette of distinct voices, this book transports us in time! Leave it to Adel West to create characters that defy fiction. Many will claim a place in your heart, while others will move you to tears. Regardless, each appearance weaves a thread of truth in this masterpiece! Her artistry immerses us in the hardships of the black community during the 60s. And there’s something deeply moving about realizing reality hasn’t improved all that much! Many a topic still rings true nowadays. So, in light of recent events, reading this book feels ever so meaningful. Indeed, we are grateful for every word we read. This was a sublime ride!
Thus, gift yourself the opportunity to explore the world through the words and feelings of one unforgettable Sara-girl. Find joy, fall head over heels, tremble in fear, relish in delicious food, and feel despair in this breathtakingly human novel.

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The Two Lives Of Sara by Catherine Adel West is out on September 6th and is available for pre-order now.

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