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fromis_9 Embody The Summer Feeling With ‘Stay This Way’

fromis_9 Embody The Summer Feeling With ‘Stay This Way’

After the success that was their first comeback of the year, fromis_9 is back with a summer comeback that embodies everything we love about K-Pop at this time of the year. from our Memento Box is the perfect summer mini-album, and ‘Stay This Way’ has a concept that fromis_9 executes to perfection.

Image source: PLEDIS Entertainment

‘Stay This Way’

fromis_9 truly embraced the concept with this release and had fun with it. ‘Stay This Way’ gives off the perfect summer, beach vibe. It is bright and fun, and at the same time comforting and hopeful. Even with a very noticeable disco influence, its fresh sound makes it addictive, and the melody in the chorus is just so satisfying to listen to. It feels natural and fun to listen to, and you can really tell how much the group fits this concept with the music video and choreography. Overall, ‘Stay This Way’ is the perfect soundtrack for this summer.

from our Memento Box

Even if ‘Stay This Way’ is the title track, from our Memento Box opens with ‘Up And,’ a cheerful and bright song that sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the mini-album. Its fun production makes it the perfect opening. However, if there was just one b-side to remember, it would have to be ‘Blind Letter.’ It is the slowest song in the mini-album and it is quite literally the perfect pop song. Their voices sound incredible, pretty, and clean, throughout the entire song but especially during that emotional chorus. And the word beautiful doesn’t even begin to explain that pre-chorus – the melody and harmonies are just gorgeous and unforgettable.

‘Cheese’ compliments the title track perfectly. It is fun and carefree, and has that same disco influence as ‘Stay This Way.’ And that anti-drop in the chorus makes it all the more fun and memorable. fromis_9 end this bright mini-album with ‘Rewind,’ which already opens with quite an intriguing intro. The retro bass-driven song has a more mature sound to it, and there is no better way to describe it than to say that ‘Rewind’ is indeed a banger. The more unpredictable production and switch in melodies make it stand out in this release, and the bridge is just incredible – their vocals sound out of this world.

Image source: PLEDIS Entertainment

You bet each and every single one of these songs are on our summer playlist, and that’s just how good from our Memento Box is. fromis_9 keep growing as a group and showing their talent through their amazing music. ‘Stay This Way’ and from our Memento Box is joyful, bright, and fun – and that’s what it should be all about.

Will you be adding ‘Stay This Way’ to your summer playlist? Which is your favorite track out of from our Memento Box? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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