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renforshort Has Us In Our Feels With ‘I miss myself’

renforshort Has Us In Our Feels With ‘I miss myself’

renforshort recently released her new single, ‘I miss myself,’ and we’re in our feels! In this acoustic ballad, renforshort sings about how she lost herself after a breakup and can’t get that version of herself back.

In the first verse of the song, she sings:

I’ve gone through way too many versions of me
wish one would stay a while. 
when did I go to feeling like nobody?
should have took my time.

These lyrics are deep and relatable, and we’re living for it! renforshort feels like she changes herself way too much without even trying, and she can’t keep track of who she is anymore. And because of this, she’s started to feel like a nobody. In the pre-chorus, she sings: 

and all the tears I cried for you
made me forget a part of who
I used to be.

In the chorus, ren emphasizes just how much she misses her old self, by repeating, “I miss myself” as the chorus. This choice of leaving only these three words as the chorus is powerful! 

This song continues to be a mellow and chill ballad until the bridge, where the music starts to get intense and ren sings these lyrics:

and all the tears I cried for you
made me forget a part of who
I used to be, I used to love
I used to care for me so much

so every year it escalates
til I become more what I hate
I know i should apologize
but there’s too many stupid lies

and now I’m tryna feel the ground
so I don’t have to let me down
I lost myself to be like you
and now I fucking miss me too

When we heard the bridge of this song, we were amazed by ren’s artistry and emotion! The bridge really showcases her talent and unique voice! It needs no analysis because ren put it all out on the table, and we appreciate her vulnerability and realness!

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Overall, ‘I miss myself’ is an anthem for the people who feel like they’ve lost themselves because of the people around them. We’ll be in our feels with this song playing in our headphones!

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Make sure to stream ‘i miss myself’ and be on the lookout for more things renforshort as she gears up to release her album, dear amelia on July 8!

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