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Save The World In Yostar’s New Game Aether Gazer At Anime Expo

Save The World In Yostar’s New Game Aether Gazer At Anime Expo


Yostar Games, known for their fun anime-style RPGs like Azur Lane and Arknights, is making a return with the international release of Aether Gazer! The game isn’t out yet, but we have some teasers and information released. Based on what we know and what the other Yostar games are like, we at THP are nothing less than excited for this release. In addition to gaming news, there is also a special Aether Gazer event at Anime Expo. Now buckle up and stay alert because here is all the buzz about the new game so far!

Image Source: Yostar Games

What We Know About Aether Gazer

Set in a dystopian apocalyptic world with constant danger, the player must step in to save the land from further evil. This sci-fi theme is the perfect scenario for an RPG like Aether Gazer, and we are intrigued. 👀 Battles consist of trios, and each character has unique moves and abilities! While this might intimidate some casual gamers, the gameplay is more helpful for us. While we control one member, the AI helps with the other two, making it fun for anyone trying.

The plot and gameplay are already amazing, but the characters are also beautifully designed. Aether Gazer, like other Yostar games, has details in the images that are eye-catching. In addition, the 3D graphics give a new dimension to the battles and the moves seen. We definitely need more information on these characters because we can’t pick a favorite between these vivid pictures. What we know is that they all will look striking while saving humanity! 🤩

Image Source: Yostar Games

Aether Gazer At Anime Expo

If the released information isn’t enough to satiate your curiosity, Yostar’s booth at Anime Expo is the perfect place to learn more! The game is giving away free merchandise to lucky winners at the convention. All you do is follow Aether Gazer’s official social media and repost the pinned post. With that done, you are set for free Aether Gazer goodies at the Yostar booth, #206. 

Image Source: Yostar Games

Yostar Games mentioned that Aether Gazer will be released in the last quarter of 2022. We also know that the mobile game will be available for iOS and Android users. Furthermore, the international release will open for players in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

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Waiting isn’t our strong suit either, so we’ll keep you updated through our social media accounts for more gaming news! Are you also excited about Aether Gazer‘s release? Or have you played Yostar’s other games? Let us know in the comments or through our Instagram and Twitter.


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  • This. Looks. Killer! I am loving those graphics!
    I will definitely be keeping my eye out for this one, Joanne, thanks for sharing it!

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