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SG5 Is Fighting Evil By Moonlight, Winning Love At Anime Expo

SG5 Is Fighting Evil By Moonlight, Winning Love At Anime Expo


Anime lovers–this is the perfect music group for you! One of the most beloved and iconic anime series of all time is Sailor Moon, a magical girl show anyone can appreciate. Even after decades, the show’s popularity is still not slowing down, and SG5 is proof of this. A new J-POP girl group based off the Sailor Scouts, they’ve stolen our hearts with their ideas and performances. If you’re attending Anime Expo, you should check out SG5’s stages. Still debating? We’ll convince you right now to check out the girls–here’s why everyone should listen to SG5!

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Their Out-Of-This-World Concept

SG5 is making its mark as the first music group made in collaboration with Pretty Guardian: Sailor Moon, and we are obsessed with this idea. The series contains not only funny clips and fashion ideas but also inspirational moments we look up to while watching. Aligning with the show’s theme, SG5 aims to fight against evil and negativity with their powers and music. We love this concept so much 🤩 Especially since longtime fans can reminisce the old times watching the show while newer fans can appreciate the fun songs, learning more about the Sailor Guardians over time.

The members showcase their theme everywhere they can. In these photos, each resembles a Sailor Guardian, and they all look stunning. Their poses, dresses, and boots are perfect for kicking butt and performing powerfully!

Image Source: Willem Stapel x Bryan Huynh

Their Music

Even though the original Sailor Moon series is from the 90s, the music is anything but old! SG5 is working with GRAMMY award-winning songwriter and producer BloodPop® to produce a sound more modern (but just as spectacular) for today’s generations and trends. They have plans for a futuristic pop sound, so you can expect to see us to dance along to their magical tracks. With all the hype and excitement surrounding their music, we at THP cannot wait to see what’s in store for SG5 and their future releases!

Their Passion

Although the group is brand new, the members were involved in the music industry before becoming SG5. For instance, members Sayaka, Kaede, Miyuu, and Ruri come from the 2011 group Happiness while Rui is from iScream, a 2011 group. As a result, they all contributed their efforts and talents from the past, earning the stamp of approval from Miss Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon.

Being able to collaborate with Sailor Moon is such an honor and a dream come true. I have experienced a lot as an artist in Japan, but the environment surrounding SG5 is like no other, so I’m very motivated. I hope we can show the beauty of Japanese culture through our entertainment.

Miyuu, in an interview with Rolling Stone

The girls aren’t kidding about connecting the world with their culture and music. SG5 is already in Los Angeles! Attending Anime Expo? Don’t miss your chance to see their debut stages during the convention. The members already performed at the Welcome Ceremony on Day 1 (which we loved), but they will also have a Half-Time Show performance at the Masquerade event on Day 3. So what are you waiting for? Put your moon tiara on and have a cosmic time at Anime Expo with SG5’s performance…you won’t regret stanning these intergalactic superstars!

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