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Sunmi Steals Our Hearts With ‘Heart Burn’

Sunmi Steals Our Hearts With ‘Heart Burn’

It’s been almost a year since our queen Sunmi had her last comeback, and now she’s back with her latest digital single: Heart Burn. She takes her own unique spin on the summer concept and gives us two incredible additions to her iconic discography and another masterpiece of a music video. This is everything you didn’t know you needed in your life, you don’t want to miss out!

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‘Heart Burn’ is a refreshing song that feels not too overcomplicated sonically. It’s subtle and easy to listen to, making it such a fun and nice song overall. The fresh sound the singer-songwriter achieves with ‘Heart Burn’ is quite excellent. Its bass and melody make it such a fun song to listen to, while showcasing the softer side of her beautiful voice. In the lyrics, Sunmi compares the heat of summer to the fluttering and scary sensations of falling in love. But ‘Heart Burn’ is about opening up and letting her guard down, which makes it stand out with that alone in her discography.

She translated this feeling and incredible song into one of her best music videos yet – if not the best one. The music video for ‘Heart Burn’ sets her in different timelines, contexts, and atmospheres where she is trapped in a never-ending cycle of love going wrong. Her looks are incredible, to say the least: she looks so beautiful. But what’s also the beauty of this music video is the cinematography – it is just gorgeous, and as the settings change, the cinematography adapts itself perfectly. This music video is something you really shouldn’t miss out on. It gives a whole other and new dimension to ‘Heart Burn,’ making it an even better song.

‘Heart Burn’ is accompanied by a b-side that is just as memorable: ‘Childhood.’ It has an even more noticeable retro inspiration, and it is just a perfect song to vibe to. The theme of the song is quite different as Sunmi reminisces on a childhood love, a summer love, and wonders how it would have turned out if they had met later in life. ‘Childhood’ has a clear nostalgic feel to it, but it isn’t too overly emotional, and it could easily be used as an OST in a movie. It feels so descriptive and personal – it might be one of Sunmi’s best b-sides to date and definitely compliments ‘Heart Burn’ perfectly.

Image Source: Abyss Company

Sunmi always comes back with a new and refreshing sound. Her unique takes on concepts are always mind-blowing and she gives us the best of the best with music videos, aesthetics and everything surrounding the music, and the music as well of course. Heart Burn was definitely worth the wait, and it is all we needed in our lives. 

Is ‘Heart Burn’ your favorite Sunmi title track? Are you more team ‘Heart Burn’ or team ‘Childhood?’ Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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