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5 ‘Vicious’ Fragrances to Celebrate Sabrina Carpenter’s Newest Single

5 ‘Vicious’ Fragrances to Celebrate Sabrina Carpenter’s Newest Single

Whether it’s a private Spotify account, a penciled-in list shut by a diary’s lock, or in Sabrina Carpenter’s case, an increasing number of email drafts that are larger than their primary folder, all of our pent-up emotions linger in secret playlists, threatening to unleash through a hairbrush microphone. ‘Vicious’ is its newest target, a hot gal summer-ready breakup hit that describes a narcissist’s mask falling off (even if it’s not public yet, so shh!).

It’s a double-clapping tune just meant to be sung within the four walls of your bedroom before walking out of the house with that dazzling glow-up. But as all of our previous forlorn lovers know, there’s always a new scent that accompanies our newfound confidence. Here are five that we’d be sure to spray ourselves with as we belt out the single!

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Lost Cherry

Image Source: Sephora/Tom Ford

Launched in 2018, this Tom Ford fragrance may be on the pricier side of things with a $216 USD Sephora cart checkout, but it also plays on the forbidden fruit with its notes including sour cherry, bitter almond, and liquor. It’s teasingly perfect for giving your ex that subtle reminder of what they’re missing out on while still putting the block feature between the both of you.

Pink Sugar

Image Source: The Aromi/Aquolina Eau De

If you’d prefer to save your money for whenever our girly Sabrina tours, then don’t worry, we’ve still got fragrances on the more affordable side of things; see Aquoalina Eau De’s Pink Sugar. It’s a toilette spray you can throw into the bottom of your handbag, rolling around with the other necessary items you’ve most likely forgotten in there! It’s a combination of both vanilla and caramel.

Springtime In A Park

Image Source: MECCA/Maison Margiela

Sometimes when you’re going through a breakup, you want to reminisce on days you were genuinely happy before you knew the…. backstabbing jerk, and surely some of those backdrops included a cherry blossomed park! Springtime In A Park does just that, visually taking you back through its memory-cloaked scent sparked with notes like pear and blackcurrant, along with a garden view of lily of the valley, royal jasmine, and damask rose.

Fraise Bonbon

Image Source: Fragrantica/Tutti Délices

This one is literally packaged like a luxury cupcake, and as every early 2000s romcom has taught us, one must stock up on sweets so they can not only binge-watch a show, but also throw them at the TV when they see deliriously happy people show up onscreen (just not Fraise Bonbon!). Created by Tutti Délices, this fragrance will have you smelling like vanilla, strawberry, and whipped cream.

Sweet Tooth


my first fragrence ‘sweet tooth’ is coming and you can order your sample now at 🤍 ive worked on it forever to make sure the scent is really sophisticated but still sweet so it smells like literal heaven on earth and all of your problems going away @scentbeauty

♬ sweetener – Ariana Grande

All along you knew we were heading this way, so obviously we need to sneak the promotion of Sabrina’s first fragrance in. Sweet Tooth is described by Scent Beauty as:

It’s pure confectionary joy: candied ginger and chocolate marshmallow envelop a milky vanilla center, on a bed of Chantilly cream. A scent so delicious, mouths will water; just sweet enough to feel a bit naughty.

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Scent Beauty

While it isn’t officially out yet, we love a sample and a discount for our fragrances, and Sweet Tooth comes with both: for $9.95 USD you can purchase a sample that additionally takes $10 off the perfume once it hits internet shelves in September. Not bad, huh?

If someone hasn’t complimented you yet, you smell like a million candy stores, just FYI. For those who haven’t doused themselves in Sabrina’s latest single yet, ‘Vicious’ can be streamed either above or through Spotify, Apple Music, and wherever else you get your groove on with the help of music. Sabrina’s album, emails i can’t send (yes, she’s a part of the lower letter case club!) is available on July 15 and you can presave here!

How will you celebrate the release? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop and make sure to follow along on both our Instagram and Facebook for more updates, Carpenters. 


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