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5 ITZY Songs To Check Out Ahead Of ‘Checkmate’

5 ITZY Songs To Check Out Ahead Of ‘Checkmate’

We’re right around the corner of ITZY‘s newest comeback after almost a year, and we couldn’t be more hyped about it. Whether it is to get into ITZY before their comeback or to reminisce on some of their best b-sides, these are five songs you need to check out before ITZY take over the world by storm once again.

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‘CHERRY’ (IT’z ICY, 2019)

We’re going down memory lane with this one. ‘CHERRY’ might be an old b-side, but it should never be forgotten. This b-side is more on the hip-hop side of ITZY‘s discography, and they pull off this heavy hip-hop vibe perfectly. The drop-in ‘CHERRY’ is just everything. It is fun and has that overflowing confidence we love from ITZY’s music. This might have been released in their rookie year, but it is still in our top ITZY songs ever.

‘NOBODY LIKE YOU’ (It’z me, 2020)

NOBODY LIKE YOU‘ is the perfect embodiment of ITZY’s more fun and cute side, yet it still feels confident and bold. It really represents them as people and as a group. The electric guitar mixed with the pop melodies makes it stand out in not only It’z me but also in ITZY’s entire discography. It has this anthem, party feel to it, and we love it. ‘NOBODY LIKE YOU’ gives off nothing but happiness and good vibes.

‘Be In Love’ (Not Shy, 2020)

We love a good, hopeful pop song, and ITZY excelled at giving us that with this one. ‘Be In Love’ is refreshing and comforting. Its addictive and pop melodies make it the perfect feel-good song. And don’t even get us started on the beauty of the bridge – vocals on point, to say the least. It is bright, fun, and hopeful. Truly a gem in ITZY’s discography.

‘Sorry Not Sorry’ (GUESS WHO, 2021)

Everything ITZY do is iconic, but ‘In the morning’ is hands down one of their most iconic and emblematic comebacks. Along with it, the GUESS WHO mini-album has to be one of their releases – not a single skip. And we could include the entire mini-album here, but ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ is a special one and the chosen one today. Its overflowing confidence and addictive chorus make it one of ITZY’s most powerful b-sides. And its insane performance does make us love this song even more.

‘LOVE is’ (CRAZY IN LOVE, 2021)

And last but definitely not least, out of their first full-length album: we have ‘LOVE is.’ This is one of those songs that feel taken right out of a coming-of-age movie, and it is all about accepting love and loving someone. It has an incredibly beautiful message while having this powerful and addictive pop melody that will make you want to sing your heart out.

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