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RAYE Bounces Back With ‘Hard Out Here’

RAYE Bounces Back With ‘Hard Out Here’

Cover Image for Raye's single 'Hard Out Here'.

RAYE’s talent has gone underappreciated for far too long and she’s not having it anymore – neither are we! It’s about time RAYE was given her flowers after the battles she’s faced in the industry. Her new single ‘Hard Out Here’ is fierce and honest and outlines the struggles she’s faced thus far in her career.

We’re giving major props to RAYE. Not only is it difficult to talk about painful experiences you go through in life but to have taken the courage to stand up for herself and other female artists is a huge step that requires a lot of bravery. Letting out her anger and emotion in this cathartic anthem, RAYE talks about the misogyny she’s faced, the toxic masculinity in the industry, and her difficulties with her previous labels. Coming out as an independent artist, this is a bold move and we think it’s going to pay off.

RAYE is an incredible songwriter and has written tracks with some of the biggest names in the industry. Name your fave and it’s likely RAYE has given them a hand in writing a winning bop. She has songwriting credits for Beyoncé, Little Mix, John Legend, and Charli XCX to name but a few of her collaborations. We think she should be just as much of a household name.

The New Era Is Going To Be Her Biggest Yet

In the spirit of rebirth, this song was created using the beat from one of her many unreleased tracks. She then reworked it to give us this masterpiece. It’s empowering and unapologetic and we couldn’t love it more. The song is a real reminder that whatever is getting you down or holding you back, you can and will overcome it. Remember who you are queen and don’t let anyone dim your light!

You only need to look at the comments on the music video to know that this queen is coming for her crown. With an army of support and loving fans, RAYE is going to conquer the industry as an independent artist in no time. She’s already started with this visually stunning music video for ‘Hard Out Here.’ Take a look here:

We can’t wait to hear more from RAYE as we just know it’s going to be incredible. Keep your eyes on this girl or you’re going to miss out. Big time. She’s a superstar on the rise and it’s her time now. We think you should get onto the hype and give this queen the support she deserves.

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