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5 Of Our Favorite Maya Hawke Songs

5 Of Our Favorite Maya Hawke Songs

Now, you may be familiar with Maya Hawke’s work as an actress, but did you know that she is also a musician with an impeccable discography?? Well, now you do!

That’s right, while she was kicking demogorgon, Vecna, and mind-flayer butt as the loveable Robin Buckley on Netflix’s Stranger Things, Maya also wrote and released a series of singles and her debut album, Blush. Honestly, her range will never fail to impress us. So, to bring you up to speed on Maya’s work as a musician, we’ve selected five of our personal favorite Maya Hawke songs to introduce you to her discography. You can thank us later.


‘Thérèse’ is the first single from Maya’s upcoming album Moss, set to release on September 23rd. We absolutely love this song and, if its any indication as to what we can expect from the new album, then we don’t know how we’re going to possibly wait until September to hear it in full! ‘Thérèse’ discusses a Balthus painting in New York’s MET Museum and greatly showcases Maya’s lyrical capabilities. We’re assuming this painting has left a big impression on Maya, as she also references this painting in her ‘Blue Hippo’ music video, in which she recreates the painting and positions herself in the same way as the young girl in the original artwork. This song sounds sonically quite different for Maya and we would love to hear more like this from her in the future!

‘To Love a Boy’

Now, we know that this is supposed to be our five favorite Maya songs, but if we had to only pick one then this would be our all-time favorite. In this highly loopable song, Maya compares loving a man to loving the sea and describes how she wishes she could love a boy in the same way as she loves the ocean. Paired with stripped-back instrumentation, Maya creates a very chilled vibe that would fit in perfectly on any acoustic playlist.

We also have to mention the music video as it is perhaps one of the most bizarre yet entertaining videos we’ve seen in a while. Starring Maya herself, the video shows a mermaid that is rescued and brought into the city after being washed ashore. Like in Stranger Things, Maya delivers an impeccable performance and we at THP strongly think that the Duffer Brothers should consider putting some mermaids in the Upside Down just so Maya can reprise this role. We don’t know what her actual character would be doing when this happens but we’re sure they’d figure it out somehow.

‘So Long’

In the past, Maya has cited Taylor Swift as one of her greatest influences, and this song truly showcases that, cultivating an atmosphere that is comparable to that of Taylor’s songs such as ‘No Body No Crime’ or ‘Cowboy Like Me.’ ‘So Long’ comes from Maya’s debut album Blush and would fit in very well on any folk or country playlist. ‘So Long’ has a mellow-country vibe that perfectly displays a more eerie and haunting quality to Maya’s vocals. Another great example of Maya’s lyrical prowess, the song discusses how sometimes we create idealized perceptions of the people we love that then become like ‘ghosts’ to us. Maya truly is a born lyricist, and we simply can’t get enough.


Another song from Blush, ‘Coverage’ is the second single and truly captures the atmosphere of the whole album. While Maya has described how the album is largely about her childhood and youth, this song centers around the ideas of identity and a sense of self. As an actress, these themes are particularly pertinent to Maya, and she best highlights this in lyrics such as “cover me, uncover you, is that really what I’d do?” The song captures Maya’s more delicate vocals and tone very well and pairs them perfectly with a sense of vulnerability that makes the song even more likable.

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‘Animal Enough’

‘Animal Enough’ is one of our personal favorites from Blush and we truly think this song deserves all the hype in the world. ‘Animal Enough’ stands alone on the album and is wholly unique. It uses heavier instrumentation than many of the other songs we’ve recommended, this is most notably highlighted with the addictive electric guitar riff that kicks off the song, and then runs throughout the song. Maya pairs this sound with her usual introspective lyrics and uses this combination to create what is high-key an absolute country bop.

So, which Maya Hawke song will you be listening to first? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram.


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