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Explore Stellis In The New Tears Of Themis Anniversary Event!

Explore Stellis In The New Tears Of Themis Anniversary Event!


July has arrived, and Tears of Themis players know what that means–the game’s anniversary 😌 Hoyoverse is bringing a larger celebration than ever, and we’re all invited! Unfamiliar with Tears of Themis and not sure if you want to play? Or are you super excited about the new updates and saving up for a character card? We’ll share our favorite parts of the game’s update and fill you in on all the hype 😎 Open up the app and start grinding because the Tears of Themis anniversary event is something you do not want to miss!

What Is Tears Of Themis?

Released July 2021, Tears of Themis, or ToT abbreviated, is a mobile romance detective game with a visual novel style. The player is a rookie lawyer who solves cases with help from the NXX Investigation team. Not only are the guys all dreamy, but the characters all also have their shining personalities and stories that we get to learn over time. 😍 In addition to the main story, there are character stories where the player spends more time with one of the men with feelings blooming along the way. 😉

Furthermore, the gameplay is much more than collecting pretty characters. The cases are complex, and the NPCs are beautiful and written in-depth. Through this, players can take part in investigating crime scenes and using clues to win court cases, making us all attorneys in the game!

At this time, Hoyoverse has already begun the anniversary celebrations. From the Anime Expo food truck to in-game rewards, there is so much to take in, but it’s all amazing. The “Blissful Fête” event consists of everything from new stories to rare anniversary cards, and we’ll share our favorite updates and prizes!

Explore Stellis With The NXX Team

First, an entirely new game function was released where we can venture around Stellis with Artem, Vyn, Luke, or Marius. Players can take on tasks accompanied by chibi versions of the men, and they are so adorable! By completing these tasks, we can earn rewards such as limited cards and badges, perfect for active collectors.

Want to spend time with the male leads? Tears of Themis also has mini-games in Stellis where we can play with or against the other characters for prizes. From quizzes to card games, there is always something new to try. Think you can trick Vyn, the psychology expert, or outsmart Artem, your esteemed coworker? Try a mini-game right now!

The Anniversary Cards

Other than the actual quests and mini-games, the Tears of Themis anniversary event features a limited-time gacha where players can collect the anniversary event cards. Each male lead has his SSR card with unique stories and art. We can’t decide on a card we want most…they all are jaw-dropping!

Luke, the sweet childhood friend and detective:

Artem, the trusted coworker:

Vyn, the dependable psychiatrist:

Marius, the expressive corporate heir and artist:

Unlike previous event cards, the anniversary SSR cards unlock even more perks like special background music, vow badges, and an interactive keepsake. Start saving your “Tears” for July 11th since they’re needed to bring our favorite boys home!

Image Source: Hoyoverse

To conclude, these are most of the event components we are so excited to see! Hoyoverse also provided a list of the rewardsTears of Themis has only been out on the global server for a year, but after this anniversary event, we are excited to see what’s next too!

For the Tears of Themis players, who do you plan on pulling for in the limited gacha? And if you’re new to the game, which character or story element caught your eye so far? Let us know in the comments below or through our Instagram or Twitter!

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