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j-hope Goes Beyond His Safety Zone With Jack In The Box Tracklist

j-hope Goes Beyond His Safety Zone With Jack In The Box Tracklist

ARMYs! Are we ready for j-hope to go solo? No, we’re not, but anyway, we have to! Because it’s only the start… The start for j-hope solo activities as well as Bangtan solo activities. Such exciting times are coming, and we’re here to enjoy them to their fullest. Our first mission is to recover from the tracklist that j-hope has revealed.

So, our little sunshine dropped the tracklist for his Jack in the Box album. He knows how to surprise us because it’s not what we were expecting! Everything seems all dark and mysterious! Here’s why the Jack in the Box tracklist is a crucial matter in our life right now.

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Jack In The Box Is Full Of Mystery 

Jack In The Box is not only about music. j-hope is about to drop a whole concept. A whole world. That’s how great he is as an artist. There are many hidden messages that we need to decrypt. The track titles themselves are mysterious and full of enigma. j-hope used punctuation, and the result is more than stylish! He has left no stone unturned! With such a brilliant introduction to his work, we already know that his album will be a complete masterpiece. Watch below j-hope tracklist!

j-hope Solo Project Took Us By Surprise

Welcome to the gloomy j-hope world! Guess we were all wrong thinking that j-hope will release something as bright as the ball of happiness he is. In our mind, it was something as colorful as Hope World, and we were ready to hear a bunch of lines from him living his best life: “Drink champagne in my airplane,” you know. We let you take a look at ‘MORE,’ his first single!

See? We were all wrong. With emo and creepy vibes, our little j-hope looks like another person. And if we look at the visuals, we go crazy. Hoseok prooves his sense of fashion to send us into a dark fashionable mood. No one can wear this kind of joker hat like him. So, he’s ready to play with our expectations (and our hearts). But no worries, we’re ready to solve Jack In The Box mysteries! Thrilling, you said?

j-hope Exposes Itself Artistically

Hobi is about to show us his artistic identity and who he is. His solo work is probably what’s most precious for him at that right moment. He’s walking on a brand new path, and we’re more than ready to savor it. We can’t wait to see him singing his heart out during promotions and his set at Lollapalooza. He took the very first step of Bangtan solo activities. Whether alone or together, they write music history.

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So now we still have a few days left to be ready. Thanks to j-hope sense of artistry and his will to give us a whole new image, we already know that Jack In The Box is the album to listen to on repeat next week.

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