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5 Things We Love About The Making Of Glass Animals’ ‘Heat Waves’ Music Video

5 Things We Love About The Making Of Glass Animals’ ‘Heat Waves’ Music Video

Glass Animals Music Video

When Glass Animals released Dreamland in 2020, it was a bright spot during an otherwise difficult time. Two years later, we still haven’t gotten over the album’s bittersweet breakup anthem ‘Heat Waves,’ and who can blame us? So when we heard director Colin Read and Glass Animals’s singer, songwriter, and producer, Dave Bayley, went behind the scenes of the music video for Vevo Footnotes, we had to get all the tea. Here are five things we love about the making of this iconic track’s video.

The Neighbors Pitched In

David Bayley put little slips of paper in his neighbors’ mailboxes, asking them to film him walking down the street at 7 pm on a Wednesday, and we can’t believe it worked. Despite being filmed during an isolating time, we love how the community pitched in to create this video. Where can we sign up to help with the next one?

The Glasses Mishap

2020 taught us to expect the unexpected. The same can also be said for Dave Bayley’s glasses, which turned out to be a significant obstacle while filming the ‘Heat Waves’ video.

I had to walk down the street a couple of times because my glasses exploded and one of my lenses kept falling out. One of the neighbors had to throw me a cable tie to hold them together…If you look closely, you can just about see it.

Dave Bayley, “Glass Animals – The Making Of ‘Heat Waves’ (Vevo Footnotes)”

The Apocalyptic Vibes

Director Colin Read drew inspiration from 28 Days Later, the Beastie Boys’ Awesome; I Fuckin’ Shot That film, and movies about the end of the world. These references come to life in the ‘Heat Waves’ music video, which features Bayley walking through the empty streets of London, and it perfectly embodies our post-2020 vibe.

The New Meaning

We love that a song initially written about heartbreak can take on a whole new meaning. In “Glass Animals – The Making Of ‘Heat Waves’ (Vevo Footnotes),” Bayley describes how some of the lyrics of ‘Heat Waves’ could be reinterpreted to be about togetherness during the pandemic, and shares how the music video was meant to be a love letter to the live music scene.

Dave Bayley Heat Waves music video
Image Source: Universal Music Group

The Remote Collaboration

Filming the music video for ‘Heat Waves’ without the director or most of the band physically there seems pretty hard if you ask us, but Glass Animals pulled it off. We’re blown away by how Colin Read and the video’s crew (and the whole neighborhood) overcame logistical challenges to create great art.

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This was one of the few good things that came out of that era: that circumstances forced me, and artists everywhere, to think outside my previous ideas of what a video could or should be, and to adapt to this new world. I never would have thought of that video concept before 2020.

Colin Read, “Glass Animals – The Making Of ‘Heat Waves’ (Vevo Footnotes)”

Are you as obsessed with the ‘Heat Waves’ music video as we are? What’s your favorite music video with an unusual backstory? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!


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