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No Time for ‘Slow Hands’ With These Niall Horan Finds

No Time for ‘Slow Hands’ With These Niall Horan Finds

Rumors sparked on golf pastures say our Irish lad can be spotted tying up loose lyrical notes for his third solo album, but aside from the occasional purchase, Niall Horan has been a name missing from our bank statements since the sun caved in after Heartbreak Weather in 2020. Therefore, our wallets are thick for the meet and greet that Ticketmaster will throw us in the queue for! In order to cheekily swindle those numbers down because we just know a bunch of you Niallers have the same idea as us, we’ve decided to curate a list for all of your fan-merch loving needs. Between signed golf gloves and a magical pink jar that’ll have your boyfriend smelling just like him, we bet you’ll be in search of the pot of gold to pay for your nosebleed tour ticket. 

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Clothing Staple Hung up In 1995

If you’ve ever looked through Niall’s Instagram, then you’ve either seen him in an Eagles sweatshirt or this Harley Davidson white-fleshed out tee, with its most notable sightings being in a “Cheers Girls” birthday shout-out where he’s parading around with fruity cocktails, staring down the lens of a paparazzi guy in a candid, and lounging on the couch with even his black sunglasses admiring the view from its spot beside him. While the shirt is a 1995 vintage, meaning that the original is no longer in-store, there are some dupes out there, including this one on a site called TrendsTees! We haven’t purchased from the site yet, so this is not your THP endorsement, we’re just obsessed with the dupe tbh.

Only Birdies

Who else has picked up some golf slang despite not knowing the rules of the game? You can put your hand down so it can hover over your mouse, directing you to the time Niall tripped, only to end up in photographic evidence on a mug by emmanadyne and a signed glove from Firma Stella if you’re into collectibles. 

Finger Pointing In The Mirror

Niall’s slowly gone from the guitar plucking guy to trademarking his finger gun into any mirror that he walks by, and while he may just be fighting you for royalties, you can do the same when wearing these clothing items! Conjure a James Corden memory with these socks, LucyHickenMUADesigns’s press-on nails, a heart candy scrunchie, that time he declared us his Horan Dogs, and teal palette hats

NH3 Inspo Board And Other Reads

Sure, we can direct a question towards him during one of his impromptu Twitter Q&As, but what’s a better insider way into his songwriting process than reading a poetry book he highlighted while writing some of his bangers? Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell is one of them. So too is Iain S. Thomas’s Every Word You Cannot Say, and then one for his book club is Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump, penned by Rick Reilly.

Irish Accessory

Image Source: Wolf & Badger

If there’s another staple clothing piece we can bet Niall is currently wearing right now, it’s his Katie Mullally Irish charm necklace, which can be found here! Whether it’s the Peaky Blinders cosplay hat or his rings, he likes to style himself with accessories, and so can you through millypins’s keychain and a Niall inscribed silver chain.

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Yeah, we know you’re dying to text us, Horan, but unfortunately, without the help of WhatsApp, international phone bills can add up to a hefty price, so instead, why not hook ourselves up with an inspired phone case? His Winnie the Pooh stylized variant, perhaps, or some sentimental lyrics? Even this vector. 

Scent: ‘Green Fields.’

Finally, according to a 2015 Liam Payne, Niall smells like a golf course, which you know, sounds quite like his this year’s self, so no need for an update! Though we guess if we’re researching like the serious journalists we are, then Niall admits to using Hugo Boss, the cologne Ryan Reynolds borrowed his model gaze to. We’re also in love with UniqueWick’s cute scent design.

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With so many creative folks out there, we’ve surely missed some of your personal favorite merchandise items. We’d love to know yours by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop. While we’ve been in a Horan drought for a while now, you can be the go-to update friend in your circle by following along on both our Instagram and Facebook


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