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3 Reasons Why SF9 Had Us Scream With Their Latest Comeback

3 Reasons Why SF9 Had Us Scream With Their Latest Comeback

FANTASYs! It’s a great day today. Not only to celebrate SF9’s comeback and new music releases but to celebrate the existence of SF9 itself. We have to move on from their Rumination era. Great era indeed. There’s no better way to make us move on from it than by giving us another mythical era. Welcome to The Wave OF9 era, sweeties!

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OK, let’s say it right now before going any further. We’re pretty sad that all of them couldn’t gather for this comeback. We miss Rowoon (busy switching between drama filming and solo fan meeting) and leader Youngbin and Inseong (who are stuck in the military). But we are enjoying how the six masterfully handle the comeback! So, let’s dive into the freshest era of SF9!

We’re Gonna Scream All Summer Long With Them

Thanks to the SF9 comeback, we’re gonna scream all day long. Everything fits our mood right now. Great vibes, outstanding choreography, and unbelievable visuals. Jae Yoon, Da Won, Zu Ho, Taeyang, Hwi Young, and Cha Ni won our hearts.

‘Scream’ is the definition of tropical vibes. We are absolutely addicted to the chorus and all those rap parts! With pop dance and a bunch of EDM vibes, the instrumentation is so entertaining! While you watch, you can’t help falling in love with all those colors and smiles they give us. Now we’re feeling as fresh as ice cream.

We’re Crazy Crazy In Love With The Mini-Album

No need to go on vacation! Just turn on the SF9 new EP, and you’ll surely teleport to the beach! The Wave OF9 is a must-listen. As soon as it starts, the end comes! Let’s do a quick review. ‘OK OK’ is such a cool pop track. The least we can say is that we’re OK listening to it.

As its name suggests, ‘Summertime Bounce’ is here to make us move. They got us the moment they started repeating the word ‘baby.’ They know how to flirt with us through songs. It’s the same during ‘Driver’ and ‘Crazy Crazy Love,’ where they turn into charming beach boys.

To end that delectable EP, they recorded the very hip-hop ‘Butterfly.’ At this point, our hearts can’t take it anymore. For the sake of our mental health, we have to listen to that album at least ten times a day.

The Summer Concept Was Made For SF9

SF9 are summer kings indeed. Remember those delicious bops ‘O Sole Mio,’ ‘Summer Breeze,’ or ‘Mamma Mia.’ That’s what we’re talking about. With their fresh and sensual concept, SF9 is the band we want to spend the summer with.

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Where’s their secret? Catchy music to dance the day away? Colorful music videos? Incredible visuals? It’s the whole package they serve us. If you weren’t a FANTASY yet, we assume you are now! Great, your life is about to become a ray of sunshine ☀️.

What’s your absolute fave song from the album? Tell us everything on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or on Facebook and Instagram! Want more K-Pop news? You’ll find the coolest right here!


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