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6 Songs By Pentatonix Your Playlist Needs

6 Songs By Pentatonix Your Playlist Needs

When three teenagers from Arlington, Texas decided to get together and create a vocal harmony arrangement of ‘Telephone’ by Lady Gaga, there was no way they could have imagined where it would inevitably lead them. After forming Pentatonix and winning season 3 of the hit NBC show The Sing-Off, they continued to make content primarily through YouTube videos until their inevitable burst to total stardom hit full-force!

Pentatonix has gone on to release 11 studio albums, headline countless tours, and win 3 GRAMMYs. Pretty impressive, huh? If you haven’t already binged every single song this power group has to offer, we have the perfect 6 songs to get you started!

Image Source: Jabari Jacobs for The Lucky Ones Album Press Shoot

‘Daft Punk’

It only makes sense to start off with one of the first Pentatonix creations that we obsessed over. This masterfully created Daft Punk medley encompasses so many of the songs we find ourselves bobbing our heads to daily. With the seamless transition from melody to melody, and the different vocals that constantly cause a push and pull effect to keep you reeled in, this master cover is one we at The Honey POP can never get enough of.

‘Run To You’

‘Run To You’ was the first original piece Pentatonix gifted us with. It has an almost melancholy-like ache bursting out from behind their vocals. Then, it’s matched with lyrics that are a desperate plea to love someone so deeply the way your entire being is begging you to do. We put on this one whenever we can to swim in these vocals!


This is another original that we have no choice but to play at full volume anytime it comes on. This is a heartfelt song with lyrics centered around the fear to admit that you miss a past lover. Add on the feeling of wanting them back more than you need essentials to survive. We love how they seamlessly reel us in and out of their waves of fear and need. We can’t help but scream-sing these lyrics when we blast this one!

‘Mad World’

Listen, we’re no strangers to the masterpiece that is the song ‘Mad World’ by Tears For Fears. But like we’ve said before when Pentatonix dropped this cover, we found a new favorite rendition. The way they layer harmonies creates this space we can’t help but sink right into! This is one you’re going to want for any and every comfort playlist you ever make.

‘Coldest Winter’

Of course, we wouldn’t be talking about Pentatonix if we didn’t talk about the way they get us to listen to Christmas music year-round. ‘Coldest Winter’ is originally a Kanye West song, but Pentatonix truly makes it their own in this one. If you aren’t immediately obsessed with the vocals, just wait for the drop. Of course, you can thank us later.

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‘New Year’s Day’

This original work gives us the hope New Year’s Day can bring, any day of the year. With lyrics about appreciating where you’ve been and where you are, this song gives us the teen-coming-of-age vibes you can never get enough of. It’s never been a secret this is one of our favorite Pentatonix songs, and you’ll soon agree if you don’t already! The lyrics, “We’ll route our way on maps of stars, hold on tight to fragile hearts, and keep our friends forever by our side” have had us in a chokehold since we first heard this track.

Once you finish obsessing and adding these tracks to every playlist you can, let us know your favorite song in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP. To get even more bops to add to your playlists, or for more exciting updates in pop culture news, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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