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6 Taylor Bickett Lyrics That Prove She Should Be On Your Stan List

6 Taylor Bickett Lyrics That Prove She Should Be On Your Stan List

Image shows Taylor Bickett sitting in front of a brick wall

The way Taylor Bickett can create a vivid world within her lyrics and pair it with a beautiful melody is so impressive. We love a bit of Taylor here at THP! From ‘Break My Own’ to ‘Pam and Jim,’ she has a song for every playlist. Her latest single, ‘i should’ve guessed,’ is just as magical as her other releases and the imagery in the lyrics has really got us in our feelings. We stan Taylor big time and we hope these lyrics can convince you to stan too!

“And I know I tend to over-romanticize moments / Bottle them up and hide them away / Yeah, I know I tend to try to stay in that slow motion”

We’ve all looked back at a memory thinking it was perfect and wanted to preserve every single wonderful part of the moment as it happened. But we think we’ve all also tried to keep our rose-colored glasses on longer than we should and ignore the little warning flags that we might’ve seen. Taylor captures that feeling perfectly in her latest single, ‘i should’ve guessed.’ This one is for everyone who likes to romanticize their lives and loves to daydream. For the people who look for the best in everyone even when they’ve been let down.

“I’m the type to say I forgot your birthday / Not ’cause I did, but because I’m afraid you’ll think I care / And I don’t wanna be on the bathroom floor in a month / Crying ’bout all the love that we had and we lost / ‘Cause I’ve been there”

Sometimes being vulnerable isn’t just about letting everyone know you have a lot of emotions. Sometimes it’s also about being self-aware and open enough to admit that you’re not perfect and can self-sabotage to avoid the pain of losing someone you got close with. Taylor is able to express so many different types of vulnerability within her lyricism which makes her music that much more relatable as we can all see ourselves in her. ‘Break My Own’ is very much one of those songs and this has been in our playlists since it came out in 2021 and landed Taylor a top spot on our Stan List! We care a lot and love hard, (sometimes more than we should) so what can we say, Taylor is one of us!

“I’m tired of wasting my weekend casual dating / I won’t blame you if you don’t want / Sunday mornings with the paper / Watching reruns of The Office / Wishing Pam and Jim together / But I do”

In this collab with Charlie Pittman, Taylor outlines her ideal weekend and the kind of relationship she wants. We don’t know about you, but spending a cozy Sunday morning watching The Office reruns sounds pretty perfect to us too! We’ve uninstalled our dating apps and like Taylor are tired of starting over with new relationships. We’re now patiently manifesting the Jim to our Pam to appear in our lives. We can see the meet-cute now. Fans of The Office and chill vibes, this one is for you!

“But last night I lost my mind / And I looked up your zodiac sign / I might tell you sometime / What it said about yours and Taurus / But it sucked, so never mind”

We are definitely guilty of looking up our ‘zodiac sign’ and comparing all our different personality test results in the THP group chat. Obviously, this song really speaks to us and our hopeless romantic tendencies. Taylor‘s vocals in this song are just beautiful and haunting. We think this would slot right into a playlist with some Hozier, Lizzy McAlpine, and Phoebe Bridgers. We are also open to star sign advice at literally any point, so feel free to share yours!

“And you kiss me in the back so your friends won’t see / And you say that you adore me and she’s boring / But I know it’s just a line, all your lies / But that’s just my type”

As Taylor talks about in ‘zodiac signs,’ she loves an enemies to lovers trope. So do we. However, we all know that it’s usually a recipe for heartbreak and one Taylor recognizes in her song ‘Just My Type.’ This tune is so catchy, it’s no surprise that it’s one of Taylor’s most streamed songs yet. It’s also incredibly relatable because who hasn’t fallen for someone they shouldn’t have at some point or another? Taylor is yet to write a song we don’t love and relate to!

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“And then I met you with those eyes / Spinning treetops in July / And I swore that I recognized you / From a past life / Where we never got it right”

Of course for our final pick, we had to show some more love for Taylor’s new single ‘i should’ve guessed.’ The lyrics and the imagery are just so pretty. We feel like if you’re a fan of folklore-era Taylor Swift you would love this one. It feels delicate and soothing. We could just see it in a rom-com where the main characters are having a moment of self-reflection before they move on to bigger and better things. We just love it!

What’s your favorite Taylor Bickett lyric? Are you streaming ‘i should’ve guessed’ right now? Let us know in the comments or send us a Tweet @TheHoneyPop! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram. We love hearing from you so don’t be shy!


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