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Fire j-hope Verses To Listen To Before Jack In The Box

Fire j-hope Verses To Listen To Before Jack In The Box

j-hope has officially released the next set of concept photos from his full-length solo album, and this time, they’re for ‘Arson.’

‘Arson’ is one of two main tracks on Jack in the Box, following up the first single, ‘More,’ which gave us our very first taste of a new side of Hobi. With more, we saw a darker layer to j-hope’s sunny personality and a new twist on the word “hope” that encapsulates his energy and aesthetic.

Now, in the teasers for ‘Arson,’ this new side is further explored.

The photos are striking and visceral, depicting j-hope covered in soot in front of a car on fire in a white jumpsuit.

Apparently, this track is meant to represent “encountering the world outside the box and standing at the crossroads agonizing which path he should take,” seemingly in reference to the end of the ‘More’ music video where he closes what might be a symbol of Pandora’s Box.

The fan theories after ‘More’ have been abundant, with ARMYs decoding the symbolism and imagery in the music video, and this new installment of concept photos definitely aligns with tons of ideas fans have thrown out.

Because we can’t wait to hear j-hope’s second solo project in full, here are some of our favorite fire j-hope verses to tide us over!

‘Run BTS’

Most recently, Hobi stunned ARMYs with his addictive verse at the end of the Proof track ‘Run BTS.’ In particular, ARMYs loved the lines where he calls each member’s name out in a message of thanks for their hard work as BTS.
Sing it with us: “Jiminie, V, gosaeng / Namjoonie, Hope, gosaeng / Yoongi hyung, Jin, gosaeng / Jungkookie modu so thanks!

‘Save Me’

This BTS classic features one of Hobi’s most earnest verses. Yet it still infuses his signature energy into a group-focused song that’s nostalgic and sincere. It’s equal parts passion and emotion, sincerity and sharp delivery, and that’s what makes it impressive despite its short length!


You know we had to include this. That black Dior fit isn’t a cultural reset for nothing. In such a stacked rap line, it would be easy for one member to be overlooked, but ‘Tear’ proves why that will never be the case with BTS. For Hobi, it’s as if the lyrics are torn straight from his chest; the emotion and power are so raw. He’s able to channel his brightness into a darker, more vulnerable shade, and that’s why we know Jack in the Box is absolutely going to slap.

‘2nd Grade’

Now, time for a throwback to close this list before it gets too out of hand. This early BTS track shows a rapper still developing but knowing exactly what’s up at the same time. The flow switches in this j-hope verse are simply iconic. It shows how versatile and well-versed he is in his genre and showcases his ability to bring a fun pop of sunshine to any song. He had it then, and he has it now!

We could truly go on forever because j-hope is just that amazing!

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Luckily, we don’t have to wait long for new j-hope music, because Jack in the Box will be available on digital platforms on July 15! It’s time to warm up those Hobi verses for Hobipalooza (AKA Lollapalooza) and get ready for some new jams!

What’s your all-time fave j-hope verse? Let us know on Twitter @thehoneypop, or find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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