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5 Songs That Prove Luke Hemmings Is A Musical Genius

5 Songs That Prove Luke Hemmings Is A Musical Genius

As we’re sure you already know, we at THP simply adore Luke Hemmings. From his work in 5 Seconds of Summer to his own solo work, we are absolutely obsessed with Luke and every piece of music he releases. Luke is both the lead vocalist and a guitarist within 5SOS, however he is also very much involved in their creative process and has written a great deal of their discography either collaboratively or by himself.

So, we’re here today to provide undeniable and definitive evidence to prove that Luke Hemmings is a certified musical genius. To prove this, we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite songs that Luke has either collaborated with other 5SOS members on or written himself. There may also be a surprise bonus song at the end, so keep your eyes peeled!

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‘High’ – 5 Seconds of Summer

Before we start talking about ‘High,’ we do feel as though we need to call 5SOS out for placing this masterpiece in B-tier in their tier-ranking live stream. ‘High’ is clearly an S-tier song and that is a hill we are willing to die on.

Discussing the theme of past relationships, ‘High’ was written by Luke, his fellow 5SOS members, and a series of other songwriters for their 2020 CALM album. Luke has described the song as “narcissistic” as it talks about treating someone poorly in a relationship yet still wanting them to think highly of you and know that you will change and do better in the future. It is truly a masterclass in how to write a thought-provoking and deep song while still having it be accessible and enjoyable to listen to.

‘Take My Hand’ – 5 Seconds of Summer

Following on from ‘COMPLETE MESS,’ ‘Take My Hand’ is the second single from the upcoming album, 5SOS5. The single was released shortly before the 5SOS boys embarked on the European leg of their Take My Hand Tour and we at THP fell in love with it straight away. Written entirely by Luke, ‘Take My Hand’ is potentially one of 5SOS’ most introspective songs to date, discussing themes such as growing up, personal growth, the passage of time, and existentialism. These themes are also present in Luke’s solo album, making the song feel like an intimate glimpse into the personal lives of him and his band members.

‘Mum’ – Luke Hemmings

‘Mum’ is a b-side track from Luke’s debut solo album, When Facing The Things We Turn Away From, and is dedicated to his mother, Liz Hemmings. ‘Mum’ is quite a heavy song, discussing themes such as mental health and the pressures of fame at a young age as well as allowing Luke to show his appreciation of his family. The song feels even more intimate when you consider the fact that at the time of writing, Luke had not seen his family in over two years due to busy schedules and the COVID-19 pandemic. While we do love this song and do think it is an excellent example of Luke’s songwriting prowess, it is also definitely a tear-jerker so make sure to only add it to your crying playlists and have tissues to hand while you listen.

‘Best Years’ – 5 Seconds of Summer

‘Best Years’ is the 7th track from 5 Seconds of Summer’s CALM album and was created by Luke in collaboration with various other writers, including one of THP’s favorite musicians, Ryan Tedder. Let’s be honest, 5SOS and Ryan Tedder are a superior combo and we will always love anything they write together.

We loved this song when it was first released, but since Michael and Crystal’s wedding and the announcement of Luke’s engagement to Sierra, it just hits different. At its core, ‘Best Years’ is about marriage but it is also about changing for your partner to give them the relationship they deserve and becoming a better person for them. ‘Best Years’ is perhaps one of 5SOS’ most mature songs and truly showcases how much they have grown as artists and people since we first met them in 2011. We have no choice but to stan!

‘Baby Blue’ – Luke Hemmings

‘Baby Blue’ is one of our personal standouts on the When Facing The Things We Turn Away From album. Luke has said that the song is sonically inspired by George Harrison, a member of The Beatles and one of Luke’s favorite musicians. Like the rest of his solo album, ‘Baby Blue’ feels like a more mature song for Luke, distinctly unique to anything else in Luke’s or 5 Seconds of Summer’s discography. The song centers around mental health and the idea of wanting to escape the real world, opting to instead stay in a “wonderland.” Well, isn’t that relatable?

When discussing the song, Luke has stated:

“It’s about escapism; it’s the knee-jerk reflex of running away to your bedroom as a child, but as you get older, it just turns into vices and finding different ways to escape reality. The “wonderland” that’s referenced in the chorus is whatever place you go to in your head, by whatever means, and how tempting it is to want to run away and stay there forever.”

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Bonus!: ‘Don’t Stop’ – 5 Seconds of Summer

You’ve caught us: we’re proud don’t stoppers.

Now, we know that the boys aren’t exactly the biggest fans of this song (see the video of them their ranking their own songs for further information), but we at THP have to strongly disagree with them on this one. With both Calum and Luke being featured on the song credits, ‘Don’t Stop’ is a classic staple in 5 Seconds of Summer’s discography. The boys can rank it in “don’t stop tier” as much as they want, it’ll always be an S-tier song in the THP team’s hearts <3.

So, what is your favorite song that Luke Hemmings has wrote? Are you also a proud don’t stopper? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram.



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