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Dear Harry Styles, Please Hit Us In The Face With A Pillow: We Can’t Get ‘Late Night Talking’ Off Our Mind(s)

Dear Harry Styles, Please Hit Us In The Face With A Pillow: We Can’t Get ‘Late Night Talking’ Off Our Mind(s)

It’s here! The brand new music video for ‘Duvet’ is finally here! Wait… did we say ‘Duvet?’ That’s totally awkward random. Don’t look at us, we agree collectively that that moment in our history never really happened, right? Right! Okay then, so ‘Late Night Talking‘ is here as the official second single from Harry Styles’ third album Harry’s House – an album we’d quite like placed in an IV bag, to mend our souls, kinda like ‘Medicine’…. (sorry, is it still too soon?)

Harry has done it again, like we knew he would, and the high-spirited, sensually charged music video is the chocolate flake on top of this delectable Harry Sundae.

Smack us in the face with a pillow. Hard. Thanks. This music video is everything we wanted and more. A celebration of romance in so many forms, and from so many vantage points, from public to private, to well…. group? Yet, it comes with an intricate story we are still unlacing (We’ll get to that!). It’s cute that the majority of the video is Harry in bed, since that’s where you’ll find us for the next 7 business days, as we repeatedly watch Harry eating spaghetti and wiggling his blue-socked feet.

It Fits The Song Perfectly!

From the second we first heard ‘Late Night Talking’ at Coachella, we knew this song deserved a visual feast. And feast we got. ‘Late Night Talking’ is a poem of unexpected infatuation; of absolute desire and yearning for someone, regardless of distance or plan. It’s looking out of your bedroom window thinking it’s 11pm, and feeling the glow of the morning sun while the birds serenade the day, as you realize you’ve spent the entire night sharing yourself with another person. Poetic artistry demands visual artistry, and who better to serve that to us than Harry Styles and music video directors Bradley & Pablo? Yep, the beautiful minds who gave us the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ music video! The energetic, soul-bearing, and honest lyric is matched through the music video’s twists and turns, sensuality and flirtatious celebration. Vibe check, passed.

Image Source: Tenor
Our Fave Moments

Let’s be honest, the second there was even a sniff that Harry Styles was whipping down The Mall outside Buckingham Palace in a massive bed, wearing his lil spotty pajamas, we knew this was gonna hit different. And the twinkle in Harry Styles’ eyes throughout this London-based footage tells us all we need to know about the hilarity of shooting these scenes.

We’re screaming, crying, and throwing up at the sensual scenes amongst this plethora of beautiful sex-positive people; and that’s before we’ve even mentioned the pillow fights, the bed sheet tunnel, the Eroda-esque storm cascading into the end scenes, and Harry being the little spoon throughout. Thank you, we are full.

Scratching The Surface of ‘Late Night Talking’

The vulnerability of love, especially when you often live in the public eye, seems so cleverly expressed throughout the music video, as it forces us to pause and consider the importance ‘Late Night Talking’ likely has on relationships under a magnifying glass. The private times, the vulnerable times, and the times when you just want to be. We’re obsessed with the juxtaposition of the fun, passionate and colorful visuals; paired with the thought-provoking scenes of the art gallery and theatre, where we see Harry quite literally under a spotlight, for the perusal of spectators.

Later, we see Harry in his bed, plummeting through an angry grey sky, trying to maintain his balance through the turbulence. Finally, though, he lays down, hands behind his head, as though calmly riding out the storm and allowing himself to fall, as the ‘Late Night Talking’ video claims its final frames. This stunning music video is such delicious visual poetry, and we’re blown away by the intricacies as they scratch away at the surface of love and life.

Image Source: Tenor

Honorable Mention

Starting a solo career to increase your media exposure, for the sole purpose of increasing the odds that someone will ask you about juggling.

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Sorry, we had to. Here you go Harry, don’t say we don’t listen. Is there an Easter egg in the ‘Late Night Talking’ music video? It would seem so! Did you spot it? (1:32 besties, we gotchu!) Yes, that’s right, this man has juggling balls next to his feet… Harry, it’s been 12 years, we know you can juggle sir. Or…. could this be a sign of things to come? Does Harry Styles dressed as, well… a yellow canary… firing out of a circus cannon, ring a bell? Let’s stop there for now, or we’re going to give ourselves an ulcer… but juggling balls, circus stuff? Hmmm…

Image Source: ‘Late Night Talking’ Music Video, Columbia Records

How many times have you watched the ‘Late Night Talking’ music video? Have you seen Harry at HSLOT? Is ‘Late Night Talking’ your Harry’s House anthem? What on earth do you think the circus cannon thing is about? Tell us it all, we’ll happily late night talk with you about our comfort person, Harry Styles, over on our socials! Head to our Twitter at @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook and Instagram.


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