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Paramore Is Going On Tour And These Are The Songs We Need To Hear

Paramore Is Going On Tour And These Are The Songs We Need To Hear

*Screams* Paramore has announced a tour and now is the time to check in on your alt-rock/pop-punk lover friends, they’re probably staring at the calendar waiting for tickets to go on sale just like us. 

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The band that held our lives together since our teenage years is back! On July 15, 2022, they announced a 12-show tour and you can already sign up for Ticketmaster Verified Fan Registration right here through July 17 at 10 pm. If you’re lucky enough to score a code, you’ll be able to purchase tickets from July 20 until July 21 at 10 pm local time. After the fan presale, public sale will begin on July 22 at 10 am local time on

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It’s their first time being on tour in front of their dedicated fans since 2018 and yes we’re already feeling emotional about it. Aren’t you? Their Fall 2022 tour kicks off on October 2, 2022, in Bakersfield and will wrap up in St. Augustine on November 16, 2022. But hold onto your beanies because they will also be making appearances at Austin City Limits, When We Were Young, and Corona Capital Festival. So, we know where all of our money will be going 👀.

Basically, what we’re saying is grab your eyeliner, dye your hair, and throw on that Paramore shirt you bought at Hot Topic—the really worn-out one that you lived in for a couple of years, yeah, that one—and get ready to rock with Paramore all over again! 

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Songs We Want To Hear On The Setlist

Of course, you should binge listen to their discography to get your heart, mind, and soul prepared to see them live, but here at THP, we’re looking out for you too. We’re excited to hear any setlist they’re creating but we’ve got a few faves we’d like to hear. So, here are a few Paramore songs we’re hoping to hear live for you to jump into your Paramore song deep dive!

‘Misery Business’

This golden track was released in 2007, yes we’re going way back. Did we belt these lyrics and pretend we were our own version of Haley in our own imaginary band? You know we did! The perfect song to get your angsty feelings out. 


This beauty graced the Twilight movie soundtrack and quickly took over the world. The brief moment it’s played as diegetic music while Bella helps her friend pick out a prom dress, is one of the most iconic scenes in the whole movie and no one can convince us otherwise. 

‘Ain’t It Fun’

This song is super fun to listen to until you realize it’s all about how difficult life is when you grow up. Really though, even after you know what it’s about, it’s still a bop. Relevant even now, it’s a classic Paramore song we love, and we’ll be needing it on tour. Thanks.

‘Still Into You’

One of the cutest songs about love ever written! Also, we can’t be the only ones who tried so hard to find paint-dripped tights just like the one Haley has in the music video when it first came out, right? If you managed to actually find those tights, please tell us where you got them 😩.

‘Hard Times’

Hello, excellent music, we’re glad you’re here for us. The lyrics…the lyrics! The entire song is so light and fun but the lyrics are melancholy. We love the juxtaposition and the vibes of the entire After Laughter album altogether. Brilliant record by a brilliant band. 

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‘Passionfruit by Drake’ Paramore Cover

Okay, yes, we know this isn’t a Paramore song, it’s a cover of Drake’s song but just listen to the beautiful melodies and Haley’s seriously sweet voice! We had to include it because we are hoping they maybe will play at least a piece of this song on tour. Paramore, if you’re listening, just think about it <3.

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We’ve screamed our lungs out at their shows years ago and now we’re ready to walk through those venue doors and make even more memories with one of the best bands to ever exist in the history of the universe. Yeah, we went there and we mean it. Paramore has always been incredible, but this tour is going to hit different we can already tell.

Which songs are you hoping are on Paramore’s tour setlist? Leave a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

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