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E’LAST Secures Fans’ Love One Social Media Post At A Time

E’LAST Secures Fans’ Love One Social Media Post At A Time


If you have been keeping up with K-pop boy group E’LAST, you would know that at the beginning of July, they held their first two concerts since their debut. The incredible events took place in Japan, where the idols graced their fans with unforgettable performances and fun times in between. They made it even more memorable as the second show was streamed for their global audience, making many Elrings worldwide very happy.

This was just the start! Now that the boys are finally able to meet their precious fans in person, they will be preparing for more events that will make it possible. Since the end of the Japanese leg of their tour, we have been waiting for the group to drop the bomb with more dates and lucky countries. Fear not, because while we wait, we still have content to help us pass the days!

E’LAST are known not only for their unique choreography and sound but also for their constant interactions with fans. The boys use platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, VLive, Instagram, and Twitter efficiently, always providing us with good and entertaining content. Let’s take a look at some of the things they posted, which made us love them even more!

Image source: E Entertainment

The YouTube Side Of E’LAST

Ever taken a look at E’LAST’s non-music video or performance clips? What you will find in those is pure chaos and we love it! Since there is a lot of content to pick from, we will be looking at some of their most recent ones, a favorite of ours being that ‘Creature’ Animal Pajama performance at their dance studio.

Can you imagine that intense title track but instead of the cool outfits, the boys wear cute animal PJs? No need to imagine because they made it a reality, and it’s absolutely adorable. You can see their playfulness come out and how much fun they had recording it. This is a whole other wild side of E’LAST which we can’t help but fall for as well.

Was that not chaotic enough? You are right but do not fret, as we have you covered on that as well! Next, we offer you the 8 lost boys as they change parts while dancing to ‘Creature’. We know how smoothly E’LAST usually carry out the dance so this will be quite the fun experience. Watch them be confused over their newly assigned parts in this fun and cute clip!

We had to mention member Wonhyuk as he is particularly active on all social media accounts. The boy is like a walking K-pop song encyclopedia and often presents fans with covers of other idols’ work. By his expressions and knowledge, we just know he loves the songs as much as their respective fandoms. Of course, the other members also create various covers as well, you just need to go and look them up *wink, wink*.

We wanted to share one of his latest covers which he executed flawlessly. Wonhyuk recorded a video singing WOODZ‘s ‘I Hate You’ and it is no lie when we say we needed this in our lives!

The TikTok Fraction

The boys are very active on their TikTok account, feeding us with new short clips as often as they can. We picked a couple of our favorites that we kept replaying over and over or simply returned to watch just because they make us smile. Surely these will turn that frown upside down, and we definitely recommend checking out their other uploads as well. The treasures you will find are like little bliss pills which cure any down mood and nourish the already good one.

E’LAST minions anyone?

Let’s face it, Wonjun’s cuteness deserves its own post!


🐶잠옷 준댕이🐶 의 Hello Future👋🏻 #ELAST #엘라스트 #WONJUN #원준 #fyp

♬ Hello Future – NCT DREAM

Next honorary mention? Rano and his sense of rhythm and flexible movements!

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The last E’LAST clip, or else we would end up linking every single thing they have posted! Here is some of the boys’ swag!

Do you have a favorite TikTok or video of E’LAST? How about any of their covers that you enjoy? We would love to know them, and you can share it by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.


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