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Sabrina Carpenter Really Called Us Out With Emails I Can’t Send!

Sabrina Carpenter Really Called Us Out With Emails I Can’t Send!

Let us set the scene for you guys. Picture us on a train to see a concert and blasting emails i can’t send. What an experience, right? Well, we happen to be living it right now. This album by Sabrina Carpenter is nonstop banger after banger, even the sad songs. 

We want to know the entire thought process behind this work of art that is Sabrina’s newest album. Whatever it was, we can’t get enough. We related to so many parts of this album it’s not even funny. (No, seriously we are not laughing. We’re crying.) You need to stop what you’re doing and search “Sabrina Carpenter” on all streaming services.

Sabrina Slays Yet Again

We all know that Sabrina Carpenter can not make a bad song. Which means that every single song on this album is set to slay the game, and they do. From ‘emails i can’t send’ to ‘decode,’ each song is absolutely flawless. We can’t find a single thing wrong with it, absolutely nothing.

We’ve danced, we’ve cried, and we have vibed. We would spend thousands of dollars to hear this album for the first time again. It’s like magic the way she makes us feel with her lyrics, her sound, and her talent. We have no choice but to applaud the genius.

Yes, We Are Crying!

Although emails i can’t send has kept us tapping our toes, we’re sad. Why, you might ask? Well, it’s simple. We got a new album, but that means we have to wait for more. If that’s not torture, we don’t know what is. What do we have to do for unlimited Sabrina Carpenter content?

We are not very patient in the slightest, which means this wait is going to destroy us. Until we’re blessed with a new single or album, we’ll be lying on the floor with the sound of ‘Vicious’ blasting through our speakers while our neighbors yell at us to turn it up. Sabrina Carpenter has that effect on people.

Dear Sabrina Carpenter, we love you, and we love this new album. You have truly given us a gift in the form of music. We would say that we’re speechless, but we know for a fact, none of you would believe us. (We’re not the speechless type, but you guys know that!)

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What’s your favorite song on emails i can’t send? How obsessed are you with this album? Are you also screaming, crying, and throwing up? Are you obsessed with Sabrina Carpenter like us? Make sure to let us know in the comments below! You can also hop, skip, and jump over to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

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