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SEVENTEEN Gave Us Their World, And We’re Feeling Thankful

SEVENTEEN Gave Us Their World, And We’re Feeling Thankful

We didn’t even need to wait to have new music by SEVENTEEN. As soon as they wrapped up the brilliant Face The Sun era, they embarked on their Sector 17 promotions. Rumor has it that there are sixteen sectors on Earth and that the seventeenth is still unexplored. SEVENTEEN took us with them to enjoy the journey until we finally reach their world. The least we can say is that we absolutely appreciated the ride. What a moment to be a CARAT!

So, Sector 17, the repackage album is a true gift and a warm invitation to come to their world. Somehow, the story told gave us hope and courage to move forward. In a way, we feel it was only made for us CARATs, since it includes absolutely everything we adore. So here are all the things we want to thank SEVENTEEN for.

Thanks For Opening The Doors To Your World

Despite Sector 17 being related to Face The Sun, the experience is so different. To put it short, ‘HOT‘ gets us warm and ‘_World’ refreshes us! SVT has rethought everything to create a whole new visual experience. When they dropped the teaser at the end of their Be The Sun World Tour prologue in Seoul, we thought about a glittery retro concept, somehow with ‘Home;Run’ vibes. Then, they got us confused with the all-pink, cottony, and sugary track-list. Finally, our souls left our bodies with the concept pictures. The first round was our SEVENTEEN, handsome as Gods, frost in an icy landscape. For the second round, they were exploding with charisma in a field of flowers, all dressed like they were about to go to a summer celebration party.

Yes, they lost us in the middle of all those different moods, not knowing which one will be the one. Turns out, as we can see in the ‘_World’ MV, the concept is only joy. We fell for the simple yet efficient outfits (shout out to Jun’s beret), glittery aprons, and flower petals (which remind us of ‘Ready To Love’ MV). The sweet and dreamy visuals hit hard. And we’re here for it. No matter how prepared we think we are, SEVENTEEN is here to challenge our emotions and surprise us. We leave you with that ✨masterpiece✨.

The title track ‘_World,’ and its five-star lyricist team, Woozi, S.COUPS, and Vernon, will help keep us going through those hot coming days. We are obsessively fond of this pop-disco mood. The rhythms are so entertaining and got us into a fiery dancing mindset. What a relief to have SEVENTEEN to brighten our summer days!

Thanks For Dancing Your Souls Away

SEVENTEEN are dancing machines. They learn new dance routines just like you and we breathe, which is as fascinating as it is unbelievable. We instantly fell in love with the ‘_World’ choreography, that Hoshi spoiled beforehand, of course.

Image Source: Tumblr

But now that we have the full version, we can appreciate it to the highest. A mix between sweetness, fun, and dynamism with memorable gestures. It. is. so. addictive. Don’t call us in the next few days, we’ll be busy watching live versions, watching fan cams, and basically daydreaming about our dancing-kings SEVENTEEN.

Thanks For Releasing Our New Fave Comfort Song

Wait, we still need time to proceed Sector 17. Is it possible to have a day off to fully soak up this new album and those never-heard songs? ‘Circles’ is our new ‘Campfire,’ our new ‘Hug,’ our new ‘Kidult,’ our new ‘To You.’ To put it short, it’s our new comfort song. The track embraces us like a cozy cuddle.

It’s delicate, emotional and so well written (thanks Woozi for writing and composing). We’re quoting the genius himself: “Remember we’re always together. I won’t let go of your unchanging hand.” The children’s choir brought us goosebumps from head to toe. Members were moved, and we just feel it. All those la-la-la are so smooth that we can’t help ourselves but imagine us singing it along SEVENTEEN in a concert hall.

Thanks For Reading In Our Minds

How do we know that this album is our gift? Thanks to ‘Fallin Flower’ and ‘Cheers.’ Let us explain. Can we agree that we have strong feelings for ‘Fallin Flower?’ With the dreamy pop mood and the fascinating MV, the song is crowned their best Japanese release. That’s obviously a great day for us to hear the Korean version of that so-cherished song. We can thank Woozi and Dino for the translation. And we can thank SEVENTEEN for delivering such a great version!

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Then, we’ve got the new official Team Leader anthem: ‘Cheers.’ We listen to it on repeat, we learned the choreography, we memorized every single visual expression, and watched every single ongdongi pangpang challenge (we’re waiting for you Jeonghan and Shua), and still, we can’t get enough.

We knew when our leaderz, S.COUPS, Hoshi, and Woozi, dropped this sassy and bold track that the repackaging was going to be massive. The only advice we have is to watch their live raw vocals every day because it’s *cherry on top 🍒.*

Our Turn To Say Gomapda

Sector 17 is such a gift in itself. It shows how much SEVENTEEN minds to always delivering great music by challenging themselves. This year with them is such a thrilling rollercoaster. They have a hectic schedule with all those releases, promos, content, and world tour. We’re so ready to celebrate everything they do. We are thankful. We’re happy. And we hope our dear band feels the same.

Which song are you the most thankful for? Which one are you dying to see live? Let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram! Want all the coolest news about SEVENTEEN? That’s right here!


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