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Binge-Worthy Buzz: The Latest Buzz Just For You

Binge-Worthy Buzz: The Latest Buzz Just For You

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Hello there, honeybees, and welcome back to Binge-Worthy Buzz, our weekly series where we bring you new suggestions on what to watch next anywhere from movie theaters to the comfort of your own home. Shall we get started?


You know we just had to sneak a documentary in here, right? And it made sense for it to be Mija, a Disney Original Documentary with a strong connection to music. Mija tells the story of Doris Muñoz and Jacks Haupt, two daughters of undocumented Latino immigrants born in the US. As it turns out, both grew up scared of the same situations as their parents, and both ended up having careers in the music industry.

Now, we all know that following your dreams can be a challenge for anybody, but the weight of “making it” becomes a lot heavier when it’s not just about the individual’s expectations but their family’s as well. Doris and Jacks know that feeling too well, and we can’t wait to see how their story goes when Mija hits theaters on August 5.

Anything’s Possible

So… Billy Porter is directing his first movie! And his directorial debut couldn’t be more perfect, thank Anything’s Possible. The movie centers around Kelsa, a trans high school student with a lot of confidence and a senior year to get through. And if navigating the last year of school wasn’t enough to make a great coming-of-age story for Gen Z, there’s also a bit of that good old teen romance we all know and love.

This part of the plot comes in the form of Khal, Kelsa’s classmate, who develops a crush on her and asks her out. And yes, he knows that could cause some drama, and no, he doesn’t care. From that point onward, the movie brings us all the classic joys and sorrows of young love. We’re really hyped to see their whole story on Prime Video on July 22.

American Horror Stories

We all remember American Horror Story, right? Ryan Murphy’s masterpiece anthology series brought a completely different story filled with complex yet terrifying characters every season. Yeah, and what if we told you he’s done it again, but this time, every episode has a new story. American Horror Stories premiered its first season last year and proved that whatever Ryan Murphy touched becomes television gold.

Even though each episode is its own self-contained horror story, we still get to see some locations from past AHS seasons, such as the Murder House, in season one. Now, with season two set to premiere this Thursday, we can’t wait to see if more Easter eggs from the past will also show up in the episodes. Who knows, maybe we’ll revisit the Asylum or the Coven? We can’t wait to see it!


Let us tell you a story. In 2014, the show Black-ish first aired, and it was a huge hit until its final season this year. The show centered around the Johnson family and their life as a black family living an upper-middle-class life. As the show went on, the characters got older, and that’s when the idea for Grown-ish appeared. Instead of just having the Johnsons’ oldest daughter, Zoey, not be around due to being in college, the creators simply decided we’d get to follow her journey too.

So Grown-ish is the spin-off where we get to see what happens when Zoey leaves the nest to go to California University. But just like it happens to all of us, she finds out that life as an adult isn’t always easy. Episodes from the fifth season air on Hulu every Thursday and show us, Zoey, after graduating while her brother Junior is now a freshman at California University. We could keep talking, but we’d just spoil the show, and we think you need to watch it for yourselves.

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The Orville: New Horizons

The sci-fi series The Orville has finally returned to the screens for a third season. After the show’s apparent end in 2018, Hulu came to the rescue and picked it up and appropriately called it The Orville: New Horizons. By now, you probably know already how much we love a good sci-fi production, right? So you can imagine how we felt when we heard the news. And how happy we are every Thursday when new episodes come out.

In case you missed the first two seasons when they came around, here’s the general premise of the show: inspired by Star Trek, the show also has the crew of a spaceship as its main characters. At the center of it is captain Ed Mercer, played by Seth McFarlane, who also created the show. Along with him are quite a few interesting characters, such as his ex-wife, Kelly Grayson as his first officer, and Doctor Claire Finn, the chief medical officer who could serve literally anywhere she’d like but specifically chose the Orville.

And this is where we leave you on this fine day. We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Binge-Worthy Buzz as much as we did and that you’ll be back for more next week! If you want to tell us what you thought of this week’s suggestions, you can tweet us @thehoneypop or find us on Instagram and Facebook.

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