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FLETCHER’s Messiest Songs (In a Good Way)

FLETCHER’s Messiest Songs (In a Good Way)

Ahead of her highly-anticipated debut album Girl Of My Dreams, FLETCHER just released ‘Becky’s So Hot’ and wow. The tea is flaming. But most of all, the song is an absolute bop!

FLETCHER teased the song via TikTok videos where she revealed the lyrics line by line, keeping us all on the edge of our seats to see how this song unfolded. And really, that in itself is proof of how expert a storyteller Miss Cari Fletcher is.

‘Becky’s So Hot’ was spurred by an incident in which FLETCHER accidentally liked a picture of her ex’s new girlfriend wearing a vintage Corvette tee that FLETCHER also once wore.

Image Source: FLETCHER via Instagram

(In case you were wondering, that post has since been unarchived on Instagram, fueling the fervor around the song.)

FLETCHER explained, “I wrote ‘Becky’s So Hot’ a couple years ago after I was creeping on my ex’s new girlfriend’s Instagram while I was in the studio. I accidentally liked a picture of her wearing a vintage t-shirt of my ex’s, one that I’ve worn before.”

And thus, ‘Becky’s So Hot’ was born.

“The complexities of moving on were something I wanted to explore and it felt more interesting to me to write something from the perspective of being in in awe of her,” she said.

Image Source: Carlos de la Reina

We love this take on healing after a relationship because it’s definitely never linear and we’ve all been guilty of creeping on someone’s social media, even if it’s embarrassing to admit!

“‘Damn…it kinda stings that she’s so hot, but I can’t even be mad about it because I get it…she’s hot.'”


And as far as healing goes, Girl Of My Dreams is going to be an exploration of all things introspective as FLETCHER detailed in her Zane Lowe interview that the focus of this album is her relationship with herself rather than with others, i.e., THE S(EX) TAPES and you ruined new york city for me.

(Looking at you, ‘For Cari’.)

Girl Of My Dreams album cover art.
Image Source: FLETCHER via Capitol Records

We can’t wait for Girl Of My Dreams, because FLETCHER does raw honesty better than anyone else, and it’s so cathartic to hear from artists you look up to and relate to.

But honesty comes with a little messiness sometimes, because that’s life, and FLETCHER definitely has her fair share of messy songs. (In the best way, of course.)

Here are some of our fave messy Cari moments!


Taking it back to this iconic 2019 FLETCHER single that let the world know she wasn’t afraid to be that honest, this list would be incomplete without our queen ‘Undrunk’.

With an opening like “Wish I could get a little un-drunk so I could un-call you / At 5 in the morning, I would un-f*ck you,” we were hooked.

I start touching myself to the photos that you used to send me / I should have deleted, but kept it a secret / Is that crazy to do?” Like…that’s about as vulnerable as you can get.

‘One Too Many’

After playing this one live on tour, fans could not wait to get a studio version of this bop. And besties, it was for good reason. This song slaps live.

It’s all about having one too many drinks and feeling a little bit petty.

I hope that band you like breaks up / Your new girl finds out you suck / You drop and shatter your phone / I hope your favorite bar shuts down / All your best friends, they leave town / I hope you spend your nights alone.


As FLETCHER’s most popular song, this song sort of encapsulates everything you need to know about her as an artist. Bold, honest, and a little bitter but it’s okay because aren’t we all sometimes? Plus, the sweetness of the vocals and production juxtapose this sour track so nicely it’s impossible not to get hooked, even two years and over 100 million streams later.

Plus, being that the video was directed by the subject of THE S(EX) TAPES, it adds a layer to ‘Bitter’ that no one else has.

‘Sex (With My Ex)’

The closer to FLETCHER’s 2020 EP is also the title track and tells the story of what it’s like to not be completely over an ex.

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I just had sex with my ex in a New York apartment / Now I’m a mess / I’m obsessed / I’m right back where I started, broken-hearted,” she sings.

And this time, she took the video a step further. Instead of just having her ex direct the video, she’s also featured in it with FLETCHER.

One YouTube commenter summed up how fans felt with: “For keeping things social media free for 4 years y’all really ended with a banger.”

There are so many things that make FLETCHER one of our fave artists, but the fact remains that her “messiness,” or just her raw honesty and willingness to be vulnerable for the sake of art, definitely is at the top of the list.

We can’t wait to listen to the full Girl Of My Dreams album and hopefully catch FLETCHER on tour!

You can pre-order Girl Of My Dreams here!

Grab tickets to see FLETCHER live here (you will not regret it).

Listen to ‘Becky’s So Hot’ out now!

What’s your fave FLETCHER jam? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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