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4 Moments From Film And TV That Feature Iconic Journey Songs

4 Moments From Film And TV That Feature Iconic Journey Songs

ICYMI: Journey has released a new album this past month! Freedom is the latest addition to the band’s roster of classics and hammers home that we’re definitely having an ’80s summer. In celebration of these rock legends returning to the spotlight, we gathered a list of four moments from film and TV shows that just wouldn’t be the same without Journey.

1. Every ‘Don’t Stop Believin” Moment On Glee

Almost everyone has heard Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’,’ but Glee used the song as a recurring theme throughout the many seasons of the show. From the first episode to the last, ‘Don’t Stop Believin” was a staple of the show that many fans grew attached to! This cover is one of the most popular and memorable to come out of the hundreds that were produced during Glee‘s run, and it’s hard to imagine what the show would be without Journey.

2. ‘Any Way You Want It’ in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is proof that Journey is iconic, even during a zombie apocalypse! ‘Any Way You Want It’ is featured during a dramatic scene, a total contrast from the tone of the song. It’s a pretty memorable scene if you’ve seen the film. If not, we highly recommend it to fans of the legendary video game franchise!

3. ‘After The Fall’ in Risky Business

If we’re having an all-out ’80s summer, some classic films need to be thrown in! Risky Business is a well-known comedy that came out in 1983 that features Journey’s ‘After The Fall.’ Not only is this a great use of the song, but Tom Cruise is featured in one of his most iconic roles ever! If you’re feeling nostalgic, be sure to listen carefully when you watch!

4. ‘Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)’ in Stranger Things 4

Last but certainly not least is Journey’s most recent (and arguably coolest!) feature yet: both the trailer and the final episode of the most recent installment of Stranger Things! If you still haven’t caught up, no worries! No spoilers here, but we will say that chills are guaranteed when you hear the piano kick in. We’ll link the trailer so you can catch the epic remix of ‘Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)!”

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Have another favorite Journey film or TV moment that we missed? Let us know down below, or tweet us @thehoneypop! We’d love to hear what your thoughts are!


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