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The Ultimate Cab Ride Playlist, Inspired By Cafe Maddy Cab

The Ultimate Cab Ride Playlist, Inspired By Cafe Maddy Cab

Here at THP, one of the things we love about our community is how supportive you all are when we take a moment to champion some incredible causes. Cafe Maddy Cab is one of the incredible initiatives that we just have to share with you! Started by the wonderful Madeline Park, Cafe Maddy Cab offers rides to Asian women, LGBTQ+ people, and the elderly in New York who may not be able to afford taxi rides but also may feel unsafe or at risk using other modes of public transport.

Sadly hate crimes against Asians and Asian Americans have been on the rise, particularly since the start of the pandemic. Cafe Maddy Cab is offering alternative methods of transport and a safe haven to the vulnerable members of the community. You can read more about the initiative on their website as well as donate to the cause here!

We’ve been inspired by Maddy and her amazing initiative, so we have put together a playlist for the perfect cab ride. There’s a little something for everyone and every different ride vibe. Have a listen!

‘One Foot In Front Of The Other’ – Griff

Whenever you get into a cab you’re going on a journey, how better to start that journey than putting ‘One Foot In Front Of The Other?’ We love the optimism in this single by Griff and the positivity energy. It still highlights the complexities of moving on and the emotions that come with healing but it’s all about moving forward. Perfect for a cab ride main character moment, no?

‘Party In The USA’ – Miley Cyrus

Obviously, if we’re talking about music for a cab ride we have to include ‘Party In The USA.’ If you hopped in a cab and they were playing your favorite song, what would it be? This would have to be on our list. We love a bit of classic Miley.

‘Love Me More’ – Mitski

Mitski is a Japanese-born American singer-songwriter who has captured our hearts. There’s a song for every single playlist in her repertoire but this time we’ve chosen ‘Love Me More’ from her recent album, Laurel Hell. In this song Mitski considers the impact of her choices to become an artist, it’s very introspective but equally powerful. If you’re feeling a little moody ask the driver to turn this one up!

‘少女時代 ‘MR. TAXI” – Girls Generation

You know we stan K-Pop hard here at THP so how could we miss this one out? Electro-pop perfection and insane vocals make this a must-have on the journey playlist! Girls’ Generation are iconic for helping to pave the way to global success for newer generations of K-Pop and we love them for it. We also can’t forget to acknowledge the choreography, outfits, and visuals in this video. Obsessed.

‘Catch Me In The Air’ – Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama is a Japanese–British singer and model who is one of the biggest pop artists out there. During her 2021 tour Dynasty Tour, Rina performed this song and we are so excited that she finally released it last month. We love everything about Rina‘s music and the fact that she uses her platform to champion LGBTQ+ rights. What a legend, get this song on your playlists!

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‘Big Yellow Taxi’ – Joni Mitchell

What would a playlist for a cab be without the classic ‘Big Yellow Taxi‘ from the legend that is Joni Mitchell? The song is all about the lack of human awareness and what we are doing to each other and our environment. Maybe the takeaway here is that we should all treat ourselves, our friends, and the planet with a little more love. We get one shot at this, let’s spend it uplifting each other!

We love the idea of Cafe Maddy Cab and hope we can uplift them as a community and assist them in continuing the amazing work they are doing for the AAPI and LGBTQ+ communities in NYC!

Are you supporting Cafe Maddy Cab? What was your favorite song on this playlist? Let us know in the comments or drop us a tweet @TheHoneyPop! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram if you fancy coming and saying hello there too!


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