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Six Monsta X Collabs That Give Us ‘Late Night Feels’

Six Monsta X Collabs That Give Us ‘Late Night Feels’

Monsta X is giving us all the ‘Late Night Feels’ with their latest collab with none other than Sam Feldt! The Dutch music producer has teamed up with the group and created the perfect feel-good summer song.

“We are grateful to have a chance to collab with Sam Feldt. We loved his past single Way Back Home and were excited to work together for his new single Late Night Feels. Hopefully, everyone loves the song as much as we do.”

Monsta X

‘Late Night Feels’

But, Monbebe, we know you love your Monsta X behind-the-scenes too! And you’re in luck; there’s a behind-the-scenes video set to be released soon that showcases the recording process of ‘Late Night Feels!’ And, yes, we’re just as excited as you are! So stream ‘Late Night Feels’ on your favorite platform right here.

“After the huge success of my east-meets-west single Way Back Home with SHAUN and Conor Maynard, I am really excited to announce my new collab with Monsta X. The guys have been killing it and I feel like their voices work magically on this banger filled with Late Night Feels. For the production, I went into a slightly more funky and danceable direction which makes the song great for the clubs, your living room, or the karaoke room.”

-Sam Feldt

All right, we know what song we’re going to be jamming out to every night for the rest of summer. But we’re not stopping there. We’ve got five more Monsta X collabs perfect for late nights! 

‘Burning Up’ ft. R3HAB

A true banger, ‘Burning Up’ is from their latest mini-album, SHAPE OF LOVEThis fast-paced track is ideal for late-night driving when you want to feel like you’re in a movie. Just trust us on that. 

‘WHO DO U LOVE?’ ft. French Montana

From their Billboard 200 charting album All About Luv, this all-English track is seriously addictive. Of course, French Montana drops some catchy bars, too, so try not to get it stuck in your head. We promise it won’t work! 

‘BESIDE U’ ft. Pitbull

If a song starts out with Joohoney promising that he’ll fly across the world just to be with you, you know it’s already a favorite. Another all-English track from All About Luv. The fact that Mr. Worldwide himself features in the track, is iconic, purely iconic.

‘Magnetic’ ft. Sebastián Yatra

If you’re ready to hear Monsta X speak some Spanish alongside Sebastian Yatra, another king of our heart, then click play. It’s a perfect club song with the two artists complementing each other perfectly with the lyrics and a thumping beat. 

‘Play It Cool’ ft. Steve Aoki

​A legendary collab and a song we still beg to hear live. The choreo is so smooth, and Steve Aoki brings his skills to match the Monstas vocals perfectly. No, we do not ‘Play It Cool’ when this song comes on.

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Monsta X are superstars all on their own, so when they pair up with other outstanding artists, they always record pure gold. ‘Late Night Feels’ has joined the ranks among Monsta X’s incredible songs, so here’s to hoping Sam Feldt and Monsta X collab again!

Monbebe, which Monsta X collab is your favorite? Leave a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

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