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Three Of Our Favorite Hayley Kiyoko Music Videos

Three Of Our Favorite Hayley Kiyoko Music Videos

Hayley Kiyoko, everybody’s favorite actress-turned-singer, recently released ‘for the girls,’ and we at THP are absolutely obsessed with the music video. The song discusses and celebrates women and is perfect for the Summer season. It comes as the third release from her highly anticipated upcoming album PANORAMAset to be released on July 29th. In classic Hayley fashion, the music video is very conceptual and quirky, and it has quickly become one of our all-time favorite videos from her. So, while it was very difficult to narrow it down to just three, we’re here today to discuss a selection of our favorite Hayley Kiyoko music videos.

‘for the girls’

‘for the girls’ music video depicts a group of girls vying for Hayley’s love, taking their inspiration from and somewhat spoofing the reality TV show, The Bachelor. The video actually features Hayley’s long-term partner and ex-Bachelor star Becca Tilley, adding another exciting element to the already loveable music video. Hayley has said that she thought this concept was perfect for the song, stating: 

“I loved the idea of creating a ‘Bachelor’-themed video with a queer storyline. ‘for the girls’ aligned so well with the song’s concept and energy. I always want people to feel validated and to be hopeful that anyone can find true love, no matter how they identify or who they love.”

With this unique concept, Hayley is able to create a super fun and playful video that is extremely enjoyable to watch. Hayley also recently discussed a bunch of behind-the-scenes facts about the video through the VEVO Footnotes series, revealing details such as the fact that it was sometimes difficult to shoot since the crew found the actresses so funny. She also revealed that she originally wasn’t intending on keeping any of the audio from the cast that was caught on set but simply thought it was too good to leave out. Honestly, we seriously wish this was a real series of The Bachelor because we wouldn’t wanna miss a single episode. See more fun behind-the-scenes details here!

‘Gravel to Tempo’

‘Gravel to Tempo’ was the lead single from Hayley’s Citrine EP and remains a staple in Hayley’s discography despite being six years old. It is also one of Hayley’s favorite songs she has ever written, and we at THP cannot help but agree with her. The song itself is about being different and choosing not to care about standing out or what people think about you. This message is perfectly captured in the music video, which shows Hayley dancing in front of a group of popular girls in a high school setting. Through this dance, Hayley shows the girls that she doesn’t care if she doesn’t fit in with them and that she embraces her uniqueness. 

It ends with Hayley burning pictures of the group of girls as a way of symbolically opposing the pressures that they and the other people around Hayley put upon her. The actresses that play these girls have been in various TV shows and films such as SupernaturalPretty Little Liars, and 21 Jump Street. What a talented cast! In the behind-the-scenes video for the ‘Gravel to Tempo’ MV, Hayley mentioned that the video had quite a low budget. However, it still felt very high quality and will be one we keep going back to for years to come. 


‘Curious’ was the lead single from Hayley’s first full-length album, Expectations. Released in 2018, the Expectations album is an absolute masterpiece that truly doesn’t have a single skip. We highly recommend it! This music video also features some of Hayley’s dance skills, with her performing a choreographed group number with a series of backup dancers that makes her look effortlessly cool. This air of coolness is further aided by Hayley’s styling, with her wearing bright colors and funky patterns that make her look like the perfect blend of relaxed and fashionable all at once. 

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Using a house party as its setting, the video shows Hayley’s relationship with an ex who is still hung up on her despite being in a new relationship. At first, this affects Hayley, and she goes along with it, but by the end of the video, she is able to reclaim control of the relationship and no longer allows her ex to play with her feelings. Hayley has discussed how the song draws on her experiences in a particular relationship, making the video feel more personal and intimate. Overall, it sends a message of empowerment and is essential viewing for anybody going through a tricky situationship.

What is your favorite Hayley Kiyoko music video? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram.


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