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NCT U Bring Warm Breeze To NCity With ‘Rain Day’

NCT U Bring Warm Breeze To NCity With ‘Rain Day’

If you haven’t noticed, NCT members never fail to inspire us with their extraordinary talent and dedication, which unquestionably deserves to be appreciated by everyone in this world. So, if you’re wondering why summer started to seem different all of a sudden, let us tell you why: NCT gave us ‘Rain Day.’ And because we enjoyed how NCT U’s new song video warmed our souls, the heat no longer bothers us.

Featuring Kun, Taeil, and Yangyang, ‘Rain Day’ is a brand-new song released as part of the NCT Lab project, allowing members to share their creative creations. These pieces may be performed alone (as in Mark’s ‘Child‘) or under the NCT U brand with various member combinations (as in Doyoung, Mark, Haechan, and Shotaro’s ‘coNEXTion (Age of Light)‘ and Kun, Taeil, and Yangyang’s ‘Rain Day’).

We have been waiting for NCT U’s ‘Rain Day’ since it was announced in NCT Show‘s news section in April as our dear WayV leader, Kun’s, solo project. The wait was long, but from the moment we first heard ‘Rain Day,’ we knew it was worth it. After being announced as Kun’s solo project and a few impatient NCTzen breakdowns (we were with them), an update has come finally in June’s NCT News. When we thought we couldn’t be more thrilled about it, we found out that Taeil and Yangyang joined Kun to perform his self-composed song. And composing was not our wonderful Kun’s only credit. Kun also wrote the song’s lyrics and arranged the song. So, before we get into the song like we’re totally obsessed (we are), we wanted to take a moment to appreciate Kun’s insane talent. 

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‘Rain Day’ is a song Kun began working on two years ago, and when we found out about it, we shared Kun’s hype and became even more excited to hear it. And, if you’re new to NCT, there’s something special about our NEOs: they never let us down. The refreshing and bright summer feeling surrounded us the moment we heard the song.

This song, like most NCT songs, was a new vibe for us, and it added a different color to what we call the NCT sound. Kun’s gentle voice, which gives a refreshing summer vibe, Taeil’s strong vocals, which are also comforting, and Yangyang’s low-pitched, smooth rap all captivated us. There is something about hearing our talented NEOs’ voices, it is so pleasing. As a result, we are once again blessed.

And then there’s the music video: visuals, everyone, visuals. We’re still amazed at how everyone in this group appears to be straight from heaven, but the moment NCT U’s ‘Rain Day’ MV began, our jaw dropped, and we couldn’t stop ourselves from smiling until the end. The music video contributed to the song’s fresh feeling. There were a lot of colors, greenery, water, and classic with friends. The cinematography in ‘Rain Day’ is so stunning that we are jealous that we are not there with the boys.

The chemistry the boys have with each other is also something else to talk about in the MV. When you are in a 23-member group, finding the right chemistry with every member might be challenging. Still, we can all agree that Kun, Taeil, and Yangyang had an easy time with it.

We all knew Taeil, Kun, and Yangyang were incredible artists, and ‘Rain Day’ proved it once more. Thank you for saving our summer with this song, boys. This is a song to celebrate the diverse talents of the NCT boys. So, everyone, love it, feel it, listen to it, and appreciate it.

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What did you love the most about NCT U’s ‘Rain Day?’ Are you proud of the boys just like we are? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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