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Purple Kiss Takes Us To Geekyland In New Comeback

Purple Kiss Takes Us To Geekyland In New Comeback

Purple Kiss Geekyland Comeback

Purple Kiss is already having their second comeback this year? We can’t believe it either! If you recall: Purple Kiss began a witchy storyline that previously involved ONEWE’s CyA in both ‘Zombie’ and ‘memeM.’ Now, they’re taking us to a new chapter in their storyline, Geekyland, which seems to be turning into the RBW Cinematic Universe. Their teaser trailers gave us easter eggs from their labelmates’ music videos such as ONEWE, ONEUS, and Moonbyul. This had us at the edge of our seats, wondering exactly what the PurKi girls had in store for this comeback. So gather around, Plorys, we’re going to get into the story of these witches.

Nerding Out Over ‘Nerdy’

With the title track, ‘Nerdy,’ Purple Kiss continues to prove why they deserve to have your and our attention. This comeback cements the girls’ signature concept and sound in place, and we can confidently say no one else is doing it like them. This fan described it as such:

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! This concept is delightful and we had so much fun watching the music video. So with that, let’s dive into the music video and the song itself.

The Witches’ Curse On The Broadcast Company

Purple Kiss’ take on the horror genre through ‘Nerdy’ contains messages of individuality and being proud of your identity no matter what. This music video plays heavily into the aforementioned storyline, so we suggest going through their trailers from the memeM era, the ‘memeM’ music video, and this era’s trailers to better understand what’s going on.

All of that aside, the music video is quirky and fun! It takes place at a broadcasting company (read: an exceptional one according to the video). Purple Kiss, who are witches, infiltrates and decides to cause mischief in the building. We spot Goeun using her powers, Dosie scaring security guards, and Yuki and Jieun interrupting a late-night show interview. The choreography looks incredible from the glimpses of it that we see. We also get a dance break in this song and video, which is especially cool; they delivered that choreography phenomenally! For the last chorus, we see a broadcast of the witches’ powers transmitted to everyone at the company, which allows everyone to loosen up and have fun, seemingly showing their ‘Nerdy’ sides. The closing scene shows PurKi leaving the company after causing chaos, and the neon signs shut off partially to spell out: N E R D Y.

As for the song, Ireh herself described it as “a mix between ‘Zombie’ and ‘Pretty Psycho’.” We’d say that’s pretty true, seeing as ‘Nerdy’ carries the whimsy of ‘Zombie’ and the relatively dark sound of ‘Pretty Psycho.’ Of course, everyone’s vocals shone brightly as Purple Kiss boasts a group of talented vocalists. Yuki’s rap was playful and charismatic; she ate and left no crumbs! We have to spotlight the strings during the dance break section because that was such a unique touch to the song. Overall, ‘Nerdy’ is sensational and feels like a perfect display of Purple Kiss’ unique artistry.

The B-Spells

While ‘Nerdy’ was fantastic we have to flip through these b-sides because once again: Purple Kiss does not miss, even with the other tracks on their albums.

‘Intro: Bye Bye Bully’

Since their debut, Purple Kiss has started each of their albums with an intro track. Each one sets the tone for the album, and each one slays. ‘Intro: Bye Bye Bully’ is no different from its predecessors. It’s short but packs a punch in that small time frame. Make sure to watch the performance video for this; you don’t want to miss it. Of course, ‘Bye Bye Bully’ is connected to the Purple Kiss/RBW Cinematic Universe and the girls use the phrase “Bully, bully/bye, bye” throughout ‘Nerdy’ to solidify the connection to their storyline. Gives you something to think about…


Speaking of intro tracks, ‘FireFlower’ is a tad reminiscent of memeM‘s intro track, ‘Illusion.’ Yet, ‘FireFlower’ is a more intense and…dare we say ‘fiery’ track. ‘FireFlower’ is in the moombahton genre, which is a blend of house music and reggaeton and it adds a distinctive twist or flavor to the album. Purple Kiss seemingly has not released a track in this genre before, but they did it so well! Additionally, Cosmic Girl, who has worked with other RBW artists (notably, Mamamoo), helped produce this track, which could explain why it’s so addicting. This one is for the girlies whose hips don’t lie, that’s for sure.

‘Can’t Stop Dreamin’

Next comes ‘Can’t Stop Dreamin’’ which many Plorys may know from Purple Kiss’ debut trailers. Yep! This was Ireh’s song for her debut trailer! They transformed the song into a full-fledged group track, and we are grateful that they released this! Ireh still sounds incredible, but, of course, we expected that for her and PurKi as a whole. ‘Can’t Stop Dreamin`’ is an electronic dance track with a haunting sound that we can’t shake off. We got chills when listening to this track. It would be amazing if we could get a full-fledged performance of ‘Can’t Stop Dreamin” one day, we’d love to see not just Ireh, but all of Purple Kiss perform this song.

See Also

‘Love Is Dead’

Now, we have ‘Love Is Dead,’ which adopts a more pop-rock sound, complete with an electric guitar, a thumping bass line, and a steady drum beat. We’ve seen Purple Kiss put out a rock-genre track before (‘My Heart Skip A Beat’) but this one is not nearly as up-tempo as ‘MHSAB.’ You can probably guess what this song is about (a break-up, a love that is now dead), and the rock sound helps deliver this message so well. We feel like pointing out that ‘Love is Dead’ gives off ‘Potential Breakup Song’ by Aly & AJ vibes, which is dope. Purple Kiss is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

‘Summer Rain’

To close this album out, we have ‘Summer Rain,’ which ONEUS’ Ravn helped write and compose. This could be considered the album’s ballad, although it doesn’t maintain the more sentimental/wistful sound a traditional ballad has. The acoustic guitar is the central instrument in this track, with a gentle percussive beat in the background. This sets the perfect mood for Purple Kiss’ soft vocals as they sing about having to let their love go. They wonder if their lover is happier now, as they are no longer together. ‘Summer Rain’ could be a metaphor for their tears…hm. Needless to say, this is the perfect way to wrap this album up.

The Beauty Of Geekyland

Purple Kiss once again has shown us that they are incredible performers and a group of all-rounders. There’s nothing that these girls can’t do. In fact, did you know that Chaein helped choreograph for ‘Nerdy?’ Or that Yuki wrote her own raps again for this album? We most certainly are looking forward to seeing their theatricality on the stage for their live performance of ‘Nerdy.’ This is the start of a beautiful era for Purple Kiss.

So, Plorys, now we’d like to know your thoughts about Geekyland! Do you have a ranking of the tracks? What was your favorite part of the ‘Nerdy’ music video? Which track were you anticipating the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on our Twitter, @TheHoneyPopInstagram, and/or Facebook. Have fun in Geekyland 🤓 !

Purple Kiss Geekyland Comeback
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