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ATEEZ Takes Over The World And Our Hearts With Their New EP

ATEEZ Takes Over The World And Our Hearts With Their New EP

Atinys, we’re biased but by stanning ATEEZ, we’re on the right side, right? We decided to dedicate our life to ATEEZ and that’s a great decision because they dropped the most exciting EP of the year (once again)! So, The World EP.1: Movement by our dear ATEEZ is out, and all we can say is: welcome to ATEEZ’s new era! This one is going to be massive.

They worked so hard to show us their best rebellious identity through music and concepts! In this first episode, they’re gathering to take over the world. Here’s why we totally agree and support their journey. Warning: this album review contains pure excitement and hard fan feelings.

ATEEZ Served A Mythical Title Track

Here we go again. We’re in love with ATEEZ’s title track. How can’t we be? That’s crazy. ‘Guerilla’ is crazy. It contains everything we love: dope rhythms, bold verses, dark and mesmerizing visuals. ‘Guerilla’ screams ATEEZ. Their identity is so obvious in the track. ATEEZ always remains ATEEZ and we’re absolutely grateful that they stay true to their sound signature. It’s hard to describe it but you know, it’s ATEEZ. Let’s watch it once again.

‘Guerrilla’ is all about empowerment. ATEEZ dragged us into a dystopian and anarchy world that suits them so well. They’re being experimental. They took risks like never before, like using some very noticeable rock and emo vibes. The band raised its level of rebellion to the maximum and we love it. Each part flows perfectly. We just want to break the world alongside Seonghwa (who hyped us at an unreachable level during the pre-chorus). That dreamy and slow verse by Yunho and San is incredible. And when Jongho sings his last high note, we’re already at our end. What have you done to us, ATEEZ?

ATEEZ Served Vocals

Seems that ATEEZ can do everything perfectly. It’s not only about visuals and performances. It’s about vocals. Each of them in the EP took the lead to shine with their fabulous voices. Whether rapper or vocalist, it’s a gift to listen to them. Can we talk about Hongjoong and Mingi’s rap in ‘Cyberpunk?’ We don’t have words… Just listen to them, you’ll understand.

From the crazy intro song ‘PROPAGANDA,’ to the catchy last song ‘New World,’ the musical journey is unbelievable. No need to ask what we have on our minds. We have ‘The Ring’ and ‘WDIG (Where Do I Go)’ stuck in our heads. Their B-sides are as good as the title track. We’re talking about you, ‘Sector 1.’ This song was produced during their brilliant ‘Answer’ era and we feel so energized listening to that masterpiece. Fact: ATEEZ can basically turn each track they release into the main title. That’s how good they are.

ATEEZ Served Choreography

We had a little preview before with their ‘Guerilla’ performance spoiler. For their comeback stage, they perfectly proved that being on stage is right where they should be. We’re talking about Wooyoung and his charisma during their performance of ‘Guerrilla’ (feat. his crop-top). Mythical, we said. Shout out to ‘Sector 1’ and its already mythical dance break, fiercely handled by Yunho, Yeosang, and San.

ATEEZ are gifted performers. They can turn a demanding choreography into a piece of cake. Them on stage is a blessing, and we’re lucky enough to witness it. We officially announce that there’s no room left in our hearts except for ATEEZ’s content.

Image Source: KQ Entertainment

Congrats to our kings for releasing an EP that is already one of our faves. ATEEZ give us confidence through their music and we are grateful for that. It will be our life’s OST for the rest of the year. We’ll never stop saying that ATEEZ is the best because firstly, it’s true, and secondly, we’re obsessed with them. If you’re not an Atiny yet, it’s only a matter of time. While waiting for their new world tour (we’re screaming with joy), we’re gonna learn all of their choreographies and lyrics. We’ll be fully prepared to enjoy that undescriptive experience of seeing them live.

What did you think about ATEEZ The World EP.1: Movement? What’s your fave part of the MV? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram. Need more K-Pop coverage? We got you!


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