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HAVET Is Back And Better Than Ever With ‘Toxic’

HAVET Is Back And Better Than Ever With ‘Toxic’

One of our favorite sibling duos here at THP is HAVET, and we are so ecstatic to share their newest release ‘Toxic’ here! The sisters blew us away with their debut track ‘Child,’ but ‘Toxic’ brings a whole new level of depth into their talents. Taking a new approach in their songs, ‘Toxic’ is an anthem reminding us to prioritize ourselves in relationships. The song is everything we asked for and more, so let’s jump in and appreciate HAVET’s new track! 😉

Before The Release

Prior to the track dropping, sisters Mimi and Josy asked for fan input on their Instagram–what were our experiences with relationships? And how did the toxicity make us feel? The comment section overflowed with replies from those comfortable enough to share, and the sisters’ response was nothing but supportive. Providing resources for help, they showed how much they care for not only their music, but also the listeners tuning in to the song!

‘Toxic’ And Its Message

HAVET’s newest release ‘Toxic’ is a response to the feelings of being in a suffocating relationship. The lyrics are from the perspective of the victim trying to break free, realizing the harshness of the situation. Mimi and Josy took a completely different route from their last release musically and emotionally, and once again, they exceeded our expectations! The sisters are showcasing their range and we are here for it 🔥

Go and find someone new,
And put her in my shoes.
Then let her know that she’s wrong, yeah she’s wrong for you.
Stop standing and staring I get sick,
Tell me to my face that I’m toxic!

Lyrics of HAVET’s ‘Toxic’

Muma’s Lullaby

Can’t get enough of HAVET just like us? You’re just in luck! The girls are releasing their debut EP Muma’s Lullaby on August 11 with four other songs. Aside from ‘Toxic’ and ‘Child,’ there are three unreleased tracks that are fun and inspirational. ‘Mumma’s Lullaby,’ ‘Sea,’ and ‘Old Love’ also explore youth and overcoming obstacles, themes prominent in our lives. We are already in love with HAVET’s current releases and cannot wait for more!

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Make sure you’re streaming ‘Toxic’ on Spotify. What are your thoughts on this new release? Are there any other tracks you are excited to hear? Tell us in the comments below or on our Instagram and Twitter!

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