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Scratch ‘Irrelevant,’ P!nk’s Self-Love Affirmations

Scratch ‘Irrelevant,’ P!nk’s Self-Love Affirmations

Some wake up with the intention of putting all of their fiery thoughts into a soon-to-be-burned letter, while others, such as the artist who has their colorful name, often streaked into their hair, like to jot down a song. P!nk’s ‘Irrelevant’ fits into the latter. This isn’t the first time she’s called for us to take back our power, however. With a whole bunch of tracks for you confidence playlist enthusiasts to add to your collection, we’ve decided to jumble a few up for you to compliment P!nk’s ‘Irrelevant!’

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“Outcasts And Girls With Ambition”

Playing Operation on our bodies is not the healthiest 2006 flashback. Luckily, our antidote was ‘Stupid Girls,’ a tune that doesn’t throw a target at girly pops. Instead, ‘Stupid Girls’ tries to change those minds who think they need to alter their personality to get the guy. Being true to yourself is far more attractive. So, write “I’m so glad that I’ll never fit in // That will never be me” on your mirror-glued post-it note.

“We’re Not Broken, Just Bent”

By now we’re just throwing up the peace sign before walking out of situations that trigger us. So, the teddy bear slurping on a milkshake beside P!nk acts as the perfect mascot for our inner child! As showcased in ‘Just Give Me A Reason,’ fairy tales don’t exactly follow the fade-to-black movie ending. It has bumps of anxiety caused by our past—having a mirror shown up to your self-esteem is pretty daunting, okay! Pin “It’s in the stars, it’s been written in the scars on our hearts // We’re not broken, just bent, and we can learn to love again” to your Pinterest.

“I’m Still A Rock Star”

It is totally normal to slowly reassure ourselves after going our separate ways with a partner, that we’re still rock stars. P!nk helps us out with that, as she has us putting all of our might into screaming “So, so what?” in this ultimate clap-back anthem. Sure, the tissue boxes are going to reach our bedroom’s ceiling, but we still have our awesome friends around us, and our hobbies that are just for us! So many amazing things were left in the breakup’s wake. “I got my rock moves // and I don’t need you,” is our affirmation of choice.

“We Are Billions Of Beautiful Hearts”

In this number, the urban night light washes over interpretive dancers as they occupy a diner. Our queen, P!nk, also stands on top of a car, and that wink to travelling makes so much sense to us, as ‘What About Us’ resonates so much with those of us who have been between states, and considering where to turn and whether there is something better on the horizon. It was co-written by Snow Patrol guitarist Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac. Our standout lyric is “We are rockets, pointed up at the stars.”

“I Can Go For Miles If You Know What I Mean”

Does anyone else spot the orange teddy bear chilling on top of P!nk’s car as she arrives at the party? We’re starting to see a plush toy collection here. While it could mean something entirely different, our symbolic antennas are going to claim it as another reference to our inner child. Sometimes they just want to have fun! Originally written with Madonna in mind by Linda Perry, P!nk was such a fan of 4 Non Blondes that she persuaded her to give her ‘Get The Party Started.’ Therefore, we can all raise a toast to P!nk’s fangirling determination for letting it become our go-to karaoke song. “Everybody’s dancin’ and their dancin’ for me” is a cheeky affirmation for you!

“My Heart It Is Racing, But Afraid I Am Not”

Just as we should check in with ourselves, we could simultaneously cause some mischief. The universe needs reminding sometimes that we’re alive, kicking, and anything but ‘Irrelevant,’ and P!nk does just that, you know? ‘I Am Here’s’ tambourine shaken chorus is the perfect embodiment of this. A mood setter for kitchen dance routines with your loved ones, even an overlay for a yearly round-up montage! It also raises the question of what happens in the afterlife. “May I feel in my bones that I am enough,” is so beautiful, so as some loving homework, you can write it in your journal 50 times!

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P!nk does not “shut up and sing,” as some critics suggest. Rather, she endorses charities, with proceeds from P!nk’s ‘Irrelevant’ going to Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote campaign. By helping more than 100 million people learn about presidential voting thus far, it strives to make the registration process smooth for everyone who is eligible, letting more people have their say, which is so cool of her! One can find the spiffy Linktree here, pointing towards several options, to stream the single on your player of choice, and purchase this phenomenal record.

Is there a self-love lyric tattooed on your body? Feeling the love from P!nk’s ‘Irrelevant?’ Drop us a tweet @TheHoneyPop as we’d love to see it! You can also follow along on both our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest musical news. 


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