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‘Shower With My Clothes On?’ Great Idea, Ashe. Here Are Some California Chic Options!

‘Shower With My Clothes On?’ Great Idea, Ashe. Here Are Some California Chic Options!

Ashe has us revisiting memes of the internet’s past with her latest indie-woozy tune ‘Shower With My Clothes On,’ and the one in question is the “They Don’t Know?” meme. Basically, a stick figure man teeters on the edge of a party dancefloor, wishing he was somewhere else while far younger peers boogied. Well, trade the party for a photo booth. Then swap those around for cameos from friends and collaborators like Ian Franzino, Noah Conrad, Paula Peralta, Cristina Acevedo, Christina Bryson, Mira Brock, Jason Lester, Laura Burhenn, and Erikx DiSantis. Finally, cut out our basic outsider carrying a cup and too many thoughts that don’t match the happy-go-lucky theme for a heartbroken Ashe, and you’re very well watching her music video. Surely we weren’t the only ones who noticed the similarity!

‘Shower With My Clothes On’ does sound kinda non-functional, though, no? We wonder what sort of outfits she’s walking into the bathroom in, ready to sit under the shower for a couple of hours listening to breakup ballads only! So for today’s celebrity fashion exam, we’ve combed through Ashe’s files to bring forth the top contenders for best outfit, and trust us, it was a hard one! Between easily fitting into ‘Another Man’s Jean’s and her assortment of vests inspired by the 70s, she’s got style. Open up her Instagram, get a free browser tab on hand, and some self-control to empty your shopping cart, and we’ll get cracking.

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Choice One: Flowers Near Bloom

Ever pondered over the ‘Shower With My Clothes On’ lyric “California’s a b*tch?” Ashe certainly has, as she’s most likely worn this summery outfit in a cold shower, making sure the water not only drained away her blues but made her adjust to its raging temperature! Wearing a vest with vines of near-blooming flowers attached is also a great way to show off your bohemian style. It’s almost too much on the nose, but for extra sake, we’re going to believe The Lumineers’ ‘Flowers in Your Hair’ breezed through Ashe’s pre-show speakers upon getting glammed up! She’s dressed in a Long Champ thread that has sadly been discontinued. Snoop through your wardrobe instead for anything that’s floral.

Choice Two: Survival Of The Layers

Image Source: Ashe on Instagram

Ashe knows just how to layer, taking a bold piece with the leather vest, eyeing those outfit-stealing buttons against a faded long-sleeved striped shirt. It gives us major Rockstar vibes, which is exactly what she does on those working days. So in terms of ‘Shower With My Clothes,’ this rock ‘n roll styling deserves only the best cry sesh in a steamed-up bathroom!

Choice Three: The Peacock’s Dress

Image Source: Ashe on Instagram

This outfit is for those midlife crisis shower conversations, where your life may not be at its peak but you still want to look glamorous while asking yourself if you would “turn 15 into 16 little minutes of more time.” That extra minute is obviously spent at Fashion Week! The pop of orange in Haus of Honey’s shoes against the pink dress gives vibrancy but still remains in our color scheme. As for the dress itself, while serving low cut, it’s the fringe that trademarks Ashe’s eccentric nature. When the coldness hits upon walking out of the venue, throw Mantu’s coat over your shoulders for a nice silhouette.

Choice Four: Suits And Androgynous Fashion

Think of the Cara Delevingne’s, Kristen Stewart’s, and Zendaya’s of the world in relation to this piece! These powerful ladies provide a bit of tomboy chic through a suited ensemble. The baby tie-dye look was for Christian Cowan’s Fashion Week show, but as we all know, she has more than one in her closet. Upon stepping into the shower, we’d be almost too afraid to get this gorgeous look drenched, so we may have to opt for a handheld shower head. Sure, we want to cry our feelings out, but can’t we also salvage our outfit simultaneously? 

Choice Five: Borrowing From A Stud’s Wardrobe

Image Source: Ashe on Instagram

“All the colors out of my face running out of highway” is a perfect visual for someone who’s met their limit and kinda supplies the visual of makeup smearing absolutely everywhere from the shower, no? Well, couple that with this jacket and we go from looking like an ugly panda to a superstar starlet, creating a new makeup trend. Additionally, it’s in times like these where we wish Ashe hopped onto the celebrity Depop train, as this is the coolest jacket we’ve ever seen! Her stylist Cristina Acevedo points out that it’s from Ed Hardy, but as we can’t find any waiting for grabby mouse clicks on the ‘net, we simply think it may be an original.

Choice Six: An Ode To Jeans

Image Source: Ashe on Twitter

Okay, we know Ashe spends her time clothed in the shower, but this outfit looks so comfy that we’ll have to sneakily opt for a bath just for this one time. Not only that, and maybe it has something to do with the sultry number we were talking about earlier, but our fashion tingles have us thinking Ashe also associates jeans with power. Often fitted in wide-leg, it simultaneously brings back a bit of her 60s inspiration, channeling us into a hippy haze. The above turtleneck can be found at My Theresa, jeans at Wranglers, and the dreamlike jacket is straight off the runway. 

Choice Seven: A Twisted Belt

Image Source: Ashe on Twitter

In this thinking process we call “how to spin the staple item,” Ashe’s taken a belt from her drawer to cheekily use it as a tie. It’s that touch of uniqueness that gives us the reminder of how wonderfully quirky she is, in case we were to forget, which is undoubtedly impossible! Obviously, this fit deserves only the funkiest of showers. We’re thinking of those situated outdoors, just us and nature! 

Stepping Out Of The Shower For The World’s Stage

Throwing it back to October 2021, ‘Shower With My Clothes On’ was initially teased through Ashe’s Instagram stories as she produced it in the studio alongside AFTERHRS and John Ryan, only to pop up again in July of this year! Besides a piano, the first verse’s lyrics teasingly appear against a red backdrop so the viewer can read along and, you know, store the lyrics in the back of their minds for future banner purposes. This is the type of banner that could’ve been held up during her Is It Me Or Is It Hot tour! It was during her Portland, Oregon show where she performed the song live for the very first time! In a statement, Ashe said about the song:

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‘Shower With My Clothes On’ is what my head feels like when it’s spinning; out of control anxiety and the world feeling like it’s closing in on you. It’s about remembering those last few moments in a relationship when you’re hopelessly hanging on but know you have to let go.


Unpacking Rae

‘Shower With My Clothes On’ fits perfectly into the sort of self-reflective tunes we’ve come to expect from Ashe. The further it goes, the more it unravels the tale of someone wondering if they made the right choice in letting their partner go. Or even the correct life choices at all: “Would you take it all back? Now that privacy’s a luxury you can’t afford to have again, if you want any friends.” We now understand why she’s taken the role of showing up stag to the photo booth. Invite us along next time, won’t you? We’ll promise to front the Uber bill home!

@heyimashe i love these people with my whole heart💗 sing this one with your friends it’ll make you feel better #showerwithmyclotheson #swmco ♬ Shower With My Clothes On – Ashe

Of course, ‘Shower With My Clothes On’ follows ‘Angry Woman,’ ‘Hope You’re Not Happy,’ and ‘Another Man’s Jeans,’ which will all appear on her upcoming album Rae! It’s out on October 14. We’re with you on that seeming so far away on our calendars, so why not surround yourself with other fans as the songs come to life on stage? Ashe is currently finishing up her American tour before moving onto Australian and New Zealand soil for the first time ever. How exciting! Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne are the stops.

You can follow along on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for updates surrounding the album and tell us what you think about Ashe’s new song, ‘Shower With My Clothes On!’


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