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Yena Will Make U Smile With ‘SMARTPHONE’

Yena Will Make U Smile With ‘SMARTPHONE’

Yena already made her mark with her debut earlier this year with ‘SMILEY,’ and now she’s back to confirm her prowess as a solo artist. ‘SMARTPHONE’ is the perfect continuation of what Yena released as her debut, and we couldn’t think of a better comeback for her. Looking for bright fun music? You’ve come to the right place.

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With her first comeback, Yena isn’t going too far away from the sound we first heard in her debut song, ‘SMILEY.’ Indeed, ‘SMARTPHONE’ is the perfect follow-up – it’s fun and bright all while having a pop-rock flare. Overall, ‘SMARTPHONE’ is all about letting go of worries and escaping reality. The energy Yena gives us in this track is truly magical and makes it the addictive song it is. Her charm is truly something special and ‘SMARTPHONE’ showcases it perfectly.

The music video is so fun to watch as well! Similarly to ‘SMILEY,’ Yena takes on the form of a superhero. And while it has the same energy as ‘SMILEY,’ it is quite different. Its storyline is fun and exciting and it is truly pleasing to watch, with its bright and really pretty aesthetic that suits Yena perfectly.

The B-Sides

And just like her debut, Yena created a no-skip mini-album to complement her title track.

Surprisingly, SMARTPHONE opens up with a sweet piano ballad, ‘Make U Smile,’ that truly highlights the beauty of Yena’s vocals. Even though it might be a ballad, it still has a bright and comforting feel to it. It is a perfect way to lure you into a much more upbeat and energetic mini-album. Following the title track, ‘WithOrWithOut’ falls even more in the pop-rock category. As she sings about growing apart from a friend, her sweet voice clashes with a more bittersweet melody and the pop-punk influence. This is a song that makes us want to sing at the top of our lungs.

However, Yena doesn’t stick only to that genre in SMARTPHONE. In fact, the fourth track in the mini-album, ‘Lemon-Aid,’ has more of a retro feel to it, but is equally as fun and bright as her other tracks. Its refreshing sound makes it the perfect summer song. Meanwhile, the closing track, ‘U,’ takes inspiration mostly from musicals – seriously, this could easily be a Broadway song. And she pulls it off so incredibly well!

Image Source: Yuehua Entertainment

While exploring different genres and showcasing her versatility, it really feels like Yena has found what suits her the best and it works, because we absolutely love it. With only two mini-albums, Yena has already affirmed herself as a truly unique solo artist. And if you want fun, bright, happy music, Yena will always have your back.

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