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Our Favorite Moments From Hobipalooza

Our Favorite Moments From Hobipalooza

You could basically hear ARMYs from the moon at this year’s Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. That’s because BTS’ energetic rapper, j-hope, made his solo performance debut and made history as the first Korean headliner at Lolla.

This performance was monumental for the future of music festivals, and j-hope did not come to play! According to Universal Music Group, he became the highest ticket seller in Lolla history and sold out $1M worth of merch.

Image Source: Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

Legend behavior.

ARMY showed up for Hobi, of course, with hundreds of fans camping out to race to barricade. The crowd was shining so brightly with the help of thousands of ARMY Bombs, and it was a beautiful sight to see. We’ll never get over the look on Hobi’s face when he heard how loudly the crowd was singing his music back to him and how powerful the energy was! ARMYs never missed a beat, a lyric, or a fan chant.

Since we still can’t believe our eyes and ears, (looking at you, ‘Base Line’ and ‘Daydream’), Here are some of our favorite moments from the iconic night as we rewatch Hobipalooza for the [redacted number]th time!

(Everyone say thank you BIGHIT for uploading the entire set to BANGTANTV!)

‘Base Line’ / ‘BTS Cypher Pt. 1’ / ‘HANGSANG’

This trio of the setlist was simply incredible. Cue the Lady Gaga meme, because it was stunning, spectacular, and everything else. The entire set list was impeccable, but there’s something about the energy of these three that we just can’t get over.

The resounding sound of ARMYs singing ‘HANGSANG’ is something we will never forget. (The way he said “sing it” is also something burned into our brains forever).

And j-hope’s energy during ‘Base Line’ was explosive and infectious, and something ARMYs have waited and hoped to see for so long.

One of the best surprises on the set list came with ‘BTS Cypher Pt. 1,’ an unexpected addition that had the crowd in shambles when Hobi said, “This is for the OG ARMY out there.”

Watch the full performance below:

Paying Tribute to BTS

Even as a soloist for the night, Hobi was never far from his brothers. From flashing their photos and clips of the boys onscreen during his ‘BTS Cypher Pt. 1’ verse to the callback to the last time he was in Chicago with the rest of the group, Hobi’s love for BTS shined.

And, to the delight of ARMYs everywhere, the setlist included j-hope’s solo classics from BTS albums like ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Ego,’ which was particularly special since the pandemic erased ARMY’s opportunity to see ‘Ego’ live on tour.

Plus, he included a BTS group song with ‘Dynamite (Tropical Remix)’ that brought good vibes and new choreography to the set.

‘Equal Sign’

We have to talk about ‘Equal Sign,’ because it’s already become a beloved track to ARMYs around the world. The meaningful lyrics and tender delivery are what make it so heartfelt, and getting to see it live with full visuals and raw vocals from Hobi was everything.

The crowd’s volume was loud during this song, proving just how special it is to everyone. And it showed newcomers how versatile Hobi is as an artist and vocalist!

Watch the full ‘Equal Sign’ performance below:


Our hearts are still melted in a puddle. That’s it, that’s the tweet.

JK, but really, this was the cutest surprise ever! Jimin supporting Hobi from the side stage was adorable. It was amazing to see how much the support meant to j-hope, and how much fun Jimin was having! We love that it was a surprise for j-hope from Jimin. That hug in the post-show V-live really said it all.

We’re so happy that ARMYs were able to capture some truly special clips of Jimin watching the show, since he said that he was able to “watch as a fan.” So. Sweet.

The Set

The set design itself was another thing that wowed us! We have loved how much attention to detail the entire Jack in the Box concept and roll-out has had, and the Hobipalooza Lolla set did not disappoint!

The fact that there was a literal giant checkered Jack in the box with a handle and everything was so cool. It definitely fit Hobi’s personality perfectly and supported the themes of the album so well. When he was cranked out of the box, we literally gasped.

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And we can’t forget the details, from the lighting to the fireworks, smoke machines, and live band. Everything came together so seamlessly!

Becky G’s Surprise Appearance

Becky truly got us with that fake Instagram story. Some fans wondered if Jimin might do Becky’s verse of ‘Chicken Noodle Soup,’ since he was heard at soundcheck, but sure enough, it was Becky herself!

We were so happy to see Becky and j-hope perform together live for the first time! Their friendship is top-tier cuteness, and it was the best way to end the night.

‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ remains a crazy catchy bop, and the joy in Becky’s and Hobi’s faces while performing it was so endearing.

Watch the full ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ performance below:

Basically, we are still just as blown away by Hobipalooza as we were while watching it live. We can’t express how proud we are of j-hope for all that he put into this performance. This headlining set will surely open doors for more international artists to be featured on U.S. music festival stages (shoutout to TXT, who also killed it). BTS are truly one in a million artists (or shall we say, seven in a million), and we feel so lucky to be witnessing their history-making milestones!

“This is a very meaningful moment for me. We are getting closer to a wrap-up of this album that started off with my ambition. I’ve grown so much throughout the whole journey with the album, and seeing the audience at Lollapalooza today gave me a firm belief for myself. I am grateful to everyone who came to watch my performance. I’m embarrassed to say this, but I’m also proud of myself for enduring the challenges up until this moment.”


Image Source: Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

Watch the entirety of Hobipalooza here!

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