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Chainsaw Man Is Tearing Up The Excitement With New Anime Announcements

Chainsaw Man Is Tearing Up The Excitement With New Anime Announcements

Known for its gory scenes and dynamically-written characters, Chainsaw Man is set for release this fall! We’ll finally be able to see the adventures of Denji, Power, and Aki animated as they fight various devils. It’s one of the most anticipated upcoming anime, and we at THP are also excited to see our favorite devil hunters grace our screens. Haven’t read the manga yet? Curious about what the hype is all about with the series? We got you covered–here are our favorite updates with the Chainsaw Man anime!

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CSM‘s Striking Animation

The adventures in Chainsaw Man follow Denji, a teenage boy who changes the course of his life when he makes a pact with Pochita, a dog-like devil. Transforming into a being with a head and arms resembling chainsaws, Denji rips and slashes through opponents, leaving behind a bloody trail. Furthermore, the boy joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters to defeat other devils from causing havoc in the world.

Before the anime releases in October, the new trailer came out on August 5…and it was everything we wished for and more! The animation is jam-packed and vivid during the action scenes, and the main characters are each highlighted with an iconic entrance. 🔥 This is nothing less than expected for MAPPA, the animation studio responsible for this work of art. Working on series’ like Jujutsu Kaisen and Yuri!!! On Ice, we cannot wait to see how the rest of the series will play out. We definitely won’t be able to turn our eyes away from the uncensored and gory fights to the fun character interactions!

The Voice Talents

In addition to the eye-catching animation, CSM also brings out new voice actors in addition to well-known talents. While waiting for the announcement, many fans imagined the characters’ voices, and these voice actors did not disappoint. Chainsaw Man is Kikunosuke Toya’s first major anime role as Denji, but he did not hold back on the acting. His voice is perfect for the part, in our eyes. Toya joins Tomori Kusunoki, (Makima), Shogo Sakata (Aki Hayakawa), and Fairouz Ai (Power) to create the dynamic cast we all wanted!

Release Updates

Excited to watch the anime like us? Wait with us in anticipation until October, when it will release alongside other amazing fall anime. Impatient and want to read the manga while waiting? We also recommend reading the manga on VIZ and Manga Plus, and part 2 of the manga recently began with new characters and action!

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Anime fans around the world are ecstatic about Chainsaw Man‘s release, and we would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the trailer. Let us know your favorite characters and scenes through our Instagram and Twitter and we’ll keep you posted on anime updates!


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